Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Abby slept, rested, and renewed again last night without a seizure... night #2.  She has also had 4 going on 5 days without one.  This makes me happy.  I also climbed a tree in the back yard to cut out three limbs that split under the weight of the snow... no longer seeing them hang limp... looking so defeated and sad... also makes me happy.  Climbing it was also fun.  And then I ran the lawn mower over the pitiful excuse for grass in the back yard.  If it cuts down on all the tiny brown hay bit things that find themselves on my floor in mass number each hour of each day... then I will be happier. ( I NEED A RUMBA!)  And I have gone on a walk the past two mornings with a friend... in the sunshine... that makes me happy too.  Tonight, after the kids go to bed, I have a chic flick (The Time Traveler's Wife) to watch as I snuggle on the sofa with my blanket, candles and the quiet.  I think this will make me happy too.  It feels nice to have some burden lifted.  I can breathe again.


  1. So glad to hear you're both getting some relief. Loves!

  2. Anonymous7:53 PM

    ohh Dawn...i am glad your day is going so well. the movie...get some tissue! its going to make you cry!
    love ya
    erin a

  3. all I have to say is...Praise the Lord! Enjoy your movie!


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