Monday, March 29, 2010


Oh sweet friends, you have been SOOOOOO patient and I am SOOOOO sorry it's been just a teeeny tad short of one week since my last post!  You can imagine!

OK... first, I have to rant.  As I am signing on to blog, I read the headlines that a female golfer, Michelle Wie, made a mistake in a tournament that cost her $90,000.  Yes... one mistake (resting her club on the ground after a terrible shot) cost her $90,000.  The perspective there is just killing me.  We are trying to raise the extra $15,000 for our third adoption and someone who makes MADDDDDD money playing a sport can lose $90,000 with one rest of the club!  I may get whip lash from shaking my head.  I just want to know, do I sue my parents now or later for not thinking to give me golf lessons as a child!? :0)  TOTAL JOKE... I think sue happy people are disgusting.

OK.  I feel better.  I am not going to have pictures today as downloading and editing them would cost me time I don't have!  Things are going very well.  Our home is a busy little bee hive with LOTS of stuff going on.  After B got here, I had to buy her all sorts of things as she did bring a suitcase but with very little in it!
After three days of dashing here and there and getting Easter shoes, panties, socks, toothbrush, capris, shorts, pants, tops, tennis shoes, school items and things to do... we have been trying to get into a routine.  And all this happened with Don on a five day trip!  Very busy first week.

I am pretty amazed at how well things are going.  I have even less time for myself and now find showering and walking to be my most two prized activities of the day.  B has become good friends with one of the girls next door and it's been really fun to see them getting along and talking about movies they like.  B's language is coming along GREAT and it's fun to see her interacting with other kids.  Last week we went to the park one day and then I took them to the jumping place on another afternoon.  She loved the jumping place!  It's a fun thing that she and Abby can do together too!

She also loves our school time and is doing great.  I went ahead and bought a 4th grade math workbook and she is doing two to three math worksheets a day as well as four grammar sheets.  She has learned the alphabet, vowels, and now we are working on short vowel sounds.  This also doubles as vocabulary and spelling lessons... really cool.  There are pictures in the workbook she doesn't know and then we learn them too!  We are also working on poetry for literature and reading. She reads a small book to me each day and then we also check each page to be sure she understands what she has read!  It just blows me away what a fast learner she is... makes it all very fun and exciting!

As I was looking for things for her to do in her room, I found a large drawing book at Ross the other day.  I also bought her a journal to write her thoughts in and use as a doodle book.  She has been drawing like crazy and is REALLY talented!  This is so cool too as I used to stay in my room and draw for hours when I was young.

I also bought a small boom box so she and Abby could listen to music in their room.  She loves Taylor Swift and so I bought her one of her cd's (as did Ria... thank you! :0) and made them a mixed music cd.  It makes me smile to walk by and hear tunes coming from their room.  Then I peek inside and Abby is coloring and Brenda is putting together a puzzle.  Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

We are trucking away on adoption paperwork!  I've finished four of five online classes needed to complete our homestudy!  I'll finish the last one tomorrow.  We got several things mailed off today, medical exams are tomorrow, the last social worker visit for the homestudy on Wednesday, and more forms filled out and waiting!  The two biggest things are getting the INS approval back in a timely manner.... PLEASE PRAY ABOUT THIS ONE.  When we adopted Abby, it took 6 months!  UGHHHHHHHH... no... HAS to be quicker than that!!!!  And then the other is waiting to hear whether or not Brenda can stay 90 days.  The orphan court has received our formal request and so now we are just waiting.

I have to go make dinner so we can eat and clean it all up before we have our church small group here tonight!  I'll try and get pictures up in a few days.  Love you all so so much.  Thank you for your emails, texts, and phone calls.  AND thank you for your comments and prayers! 



  1. Knew the delay in posting meant things were busy and alive and crazy at your house! It's so great to hear that things are going so well for your family!

  2. Ahh I have been missing you on here. :-) But I know you have been having a wonderful time with B here again.

    I love, love, LOVE hearing about her doing Math. I've never really thought about it before, but now that I am a Math TEACHER, I think it is so cool that everyone knows math the same matter where you are from or what language you speak, Math is the same. Ahh I love it!

    Praying everything goes perfectly and quickly. Love y'all!!

  3. I knew life had to be very busy for you! I'm so glad everyone is doing well. I'll be praying for everything to move quickly with B's adoption. I hope I can meet her someday soon and I still need to meet Marc too! We're going to have to plan a trip to Atlanta!


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