Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Morning

This morning was kinda typical with Abby being "Abby" and not happy about much.  Actually, she was more sassy than nonagreeable.  Anyway, in hopes to get her to school on time, and after taking 15 minutes to eat half a bowl of grits and some pear slices, she had to take her vitamins in the car. 

As always, there was a horrible line leading to the school.  We get to what should be one minute from the school and TEN minutes later, we get there.  So Abby runs out of the car and gets there on time! As I am pulling away, I notice a little yellow pill on the floor of the car.  It's an AO from her vitamins. I think, "Oh well, she can take it this afternoon."  Then, I notice a second one... a PLUS... very important one.  So I look back and her teacher is walking into the building.  So I pulled into a parking spot and go running across the parking lot (having left Marc and the dog in the car) and catch her in the lobby.  I hand her the VITAMINS and ask her to give them to Abby.  As I am walking back to the car, I hear her precious teacher, whom I totally adore, calling me.  She CAN'T give them to Abby... someone saw me hand them to her and put the kabosh on that.  So she walks out to the car, Marc fears she is the babysitter coming to take him away, and I go running down the hall to give Abby her two lost pills.

After running back across the parking lot to relieve the precious teacher, I get in the car to leave, and the dog has left the passenger seat to reveal TWO MORE VITAMINS... Ambrotose!  So I jump out of the car, run back across the parking lot... and that's all I am going to say about that!

Good morning!

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