Monday, November 01, 2010


Well, I just googled, "My toddler won't play alone" and saw, thankfully, that I am not alone in my (one of many) problem and frustration.  Mine sits in the middle of a pile of toys and cries or doesn't move... won't even pick one up.  Or he just lies down and goes to sleep.  I think 5 day preschool next year may have to be discussed.

I am posting to say I am going on a break.  I do not know how long, but I won't be here for a while.
There are many things I need to do right now and I am pulling way back from the computer.

Hope you all have a wonderful fall and fabulous winter.  I was just thinking yesterday... about winter... and about how it is a season of rest... hibernation... nestling in... renewing... and preparing for Spring... and it inspired me.  I love winter... and I am going to embrace it.