A little bit about us...

My little family...

My family is such a gift.  I come to appreciate it more and more as it grows and changes.
My husband and I have been together for 18 years (including a short break up before marriage).
We have been married for 11 and 1/2 years.  Wow.
God has given me a wonderful man to walk this journey beside.  We continue to grow and
our love continues to deepen in ways that catch me off guard sometimes.  I am so very blessed.

All three of our beautiful children are adopted.  I think adoption is a precious privilege.
Abby was our first to adopt at 21 months from the country of Kazakhstan.  She is now the middle child.
Marc was our second to adopt at 15 months from Florida.  He is our youngest child.
Taylor was our third to adopt at 10 years old from the country of Latvia.  She is our oldest child.
Each one amazes me in their own ways.  Each one is an amazing and precious gift.

We are living our lives by walking and growing in the grace and power of our amazing, loving, merciful, and almighty Father in heaven.  We strive to live lives that are full of thanks and reflect Christ's love for us.  We strive to be in His presence daily and give Him glory and credit and praise for everything in our lives... even the difficult and messy stuff.  It is so sweet to walk with Him together.

This blog was started years ago to keep friends and family up to date on the health of our Abby.  As God continued to heal Abby and heal us, this blog transformed into a place where I witness His love, presence, and power.  He is too amazing not to share!  And He is woven into every aspect of our lives.

My prayer is that as we walk forward in this life in faith, that God's hand can be seen and my readers can find encouragement, hope, and love here.  I am humbled you share this journey with us and am so thankful for your sweet friendships.

Much love,