Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to normal

I am so happy to share that Abby has been seizure free for four mornings now!  I can see a difference in her already...some recovery... having time to heal from the seizures.  And it makes me so very happy. 

We think we are pretty safe to say we are out of the woods for right now!  We had an appointment with her doctor yesterday and came up with a plan.  For now, getting her off the banzel is top priority... well, after keeping her stable, of course.  She is on four medications and that is just way not good!  So we are going to "hang" where we are for another week.  Then we are going to slightly increase the topamax and wait another week.  Then we are going to slowly come down off the banzel and hopefully the keppra, topamax, and clonapin will hold her.  And then we are going to rest there and see how things are going.  That's the "plan" anyway.

For now, it is so nice to get back to normal.  Without her falling over and having seizures in the day, she can play anywhere in the house and outside again.  Her mood is 100% better.  Life is pretty much falling back into place. 

She is really into playing with her "Loving Family" dolls and furniture set.  She is always asking where their house can be and sets up place mats for walls and stuff.  So I was discussing making some walls for her with woods and hinges... painting windows and stuff on them... and Fly Boy offered that I just go buy her the play house.  After finding it at Wal-Mart for $75.00... I did what any creative and thrifty mother would do... I made one!

Now it is not hard plastic and doesn't have tiny rooms to try and stand your dolls up in... but hey... I'd live there!  I bought a piece of tri-fold card board for $4.  I cut it in half and glued pictures from a magazine to it... took about 15 minutes... and cost me... yes... $4.  It is not the fanciest house ever... but Abby is THRILLED with it.  She thanked me for it again at breakfast this morning.  

It has a gorgeous kitchen and a wonderful comfy living room (I love the ceilings!).

The bathroom is a bit goth BUT she likes the tub... and of course it has the
wonderful screen porch with a lake view for dinning!

The family is very happy there (notice the mommy running bath water for "Brenda"). 
Daddy is making a snack in the kitchen and Abby is hanging out with the new puppies!

And here, after a long time of playing, Abby has put them all to bed on their "book beds".
I think the bedroom furniture set might have to come next!

Marc, on the other hand, is very happy with his favorite birthday toy, his harmonica.
The head accessory was off the birthday gift from grammy and poppy. 
It was also a hit, the bow, on the head, all afternoon.

He is very good at it... learned how to play very quickly.

We may have to put on a spring concert... who knows? 
If so, he'll totally be wearing the bow!


  1. That is so cute, yet so wrong. I'm so happy to hear that Abby is feeling better. Looking forward to hearing more about Brenda. Love you guys!
    C & the fam

  2. That's so wrong for sure! LOL Marc Parker, you're adorable. These pics make me miss you guys even more!

  3. I'm throwing my hands up in the air and praising God. I've been praying so hard for you guys. I know that right now, after what you've all been through lately,. that "just plain ole life" feels so good and you're so grateful for it.
    Love you all,


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