Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Morning Part 2

Warning:  You will laugh... and hopefully won't be offended.

Marc has been going "potty" on the potty in the morning for some time now... a couple of months.  It has been easy as he is "regular" with his morning schedule! 

He has been using his little frog potty that can sit anywhere in the house.  I have also been trying to teach him to let me know "before" he goes as he has been letting me know "after" with a well timed "uhh ohh".  And I have been trying to transition him to also being comfortable on the BIG potty with the BIG hole so we can do this in public places as well (normally he gets all freaked by the hole and can't concentrate on the task at hand!). 

So this morning, as he was eatting his grits and pear, a little... well... gust of wind passed through and he said "uhh ohh" and put his spoon down.  Me- "Marc, do you have to go doo doo?"  Marc- "Uhhh huhhhh."  So off to the potty we flew and he was very proud to be on the big potty and holding on all by himself.

As usual, we had to go through the "run down" as we have to for most everything we do now.

Marc- (patting the potty--) "Mommy?"
Me- (sitting on the floor with the camera of course) "Yes, this is where mommy goes."
Marc- "Daddy?"
Me- "Yes, this is where daddy goes."
Marc- "Abby?"
Me- "Yes, this is where Abby goes."
Marc- "Dusties?"
Me- "No, Dusty goes outside in the grass."
Marc- "Ohhhhhhhh."
Me- "Yeah, I know."

After ten minutes and such like conversations....
Me- "Marc, where is it?"
Marc- (hands in motion) "eww ya na na da da."
Me- "OK, mommy will give you some privacy."

And I left for a moment.

Ahhh Haa... there it is!
"Marc... you are such a big boy!"
Many smiles, clapping, the reward of flushing, and several waves bye bye!

Now... if you are offended by the lack of privacy of posting these pictures... rest assured there will be no other potty pics in Marc's future!  After my morning vitamin escapades, this is the type of stuff that makes me laugh and balances out my day... sorry... had to share!


  1. Last picture is priceless!! Boy, is he ever going to be annoyed if he finds out about this blog! LOL

    Love that you're feeling so unburdened today. And rather than post on your latest entry, let me just say the room is beautiful~ fit for a princess! (or two)

  2. I LOVE potty pics..have them of both my kids and Paul..Paul is reading the paper upside-down and it is still one of my fav pics! Wait until he gets married..anyway, your morning is very similar to many of mine, it is always something, isn't it? The girls room is adorable! Have fun in VA! Come see us in MD soon! the kids can swim if you come in the summertime..the door is always open.

  3. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Two words for those photos: Rehearsal Dinner

  4. Hilarious! These will be great for blackmail one day!

  5. I can definitely see those making an appearance at his wedding! Love to see things are improving and am excited about B!


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