Monday, January 25, 2010

Who can forget!?

Here it is... a reminder of how HIDEOUS our master bath was when we bought this house last summer.
But I knew it had potential... this is what I saw in my head...

Goodbye HIDEOUS crawling creeping magnolias that caused HIDEOUS headaches when you walked into the room!  Hello cool and calming favorite color pale blue with white, black and rubbed bronze accents!
I LOVE this room now.

The window by the tub is one of my many favorites about the house.  I love the way the light streams through...warming the room and tile floor... shinning on your face when you steal away for a tubby!
It totally bothers me the builder didn't center it on this wall... but that would have made sense!  So I live with it slammed in the corner!  Builders need much more female imput when building and drawing up plans!  Electrical outlets in the middle of the wall as well as thermostats drive me crazy!  And light switches on the wrong side of the door.  Ok... take a breath... better now.

My super favorite part about this window is looking out at the ridge line and the amazing sunsets it frames every single night!  Sometimes I am downstairs and see an amazing display of God's creativity through my kitchen window and then run up here to get a "better" look!

This was where a lovely gold towel bar was attached to the wall.  I hate towels draped on bars like bad accessories and I am way not a gold girl... jewelry or house hardware... so Fly Boy took down the rod and we attached the hooks right to the wood that the bar was attached to and we love it!  Still have to replace door knobs and Fly boy is spray painting the hinges of the doors and cabinets with this great metal spray paint from Home Depot that has metal in it!  Rubbed Bronze is our flavor!  Instead of paying $4 a hinge... we paid $7 for a can and just went to town!  We did it in the kitchen too!  And several metal gold light fixtures!

We went ahead and replaced faucets and knobs with rubbed bronze.  We took the gold light fixture from this bathroom and painted with the metal spray paint and put it in Abby's bathroom... she had raw lightbulbs in there (yuck) and wanted a bit more weight in ours.  If you look in the mirror, you will see another quick and almost free fix.  The shower doors are trimmed in... yep... gold.  So I bought a shower rod and hung a white shower curtain I already had over them.  Wah Lah... no screamin gold!  I just close my eyes when I walk into the shower!  Later in life... granite and higher cabinets will finish this room off.  For now... we enjoy it!

And here are the girls enjoying it... along with the tubby dress up dolls from Grammy! 
More redo pics to come... thanks for your patience.


  1. AWESOME! I love Oil Rubbed Bronze!! We added a master bed and bath on to our house and the entire bathroom was based on the fixtures..It is my favorite room in the house! I am going to check out that paint too..we have changed all the lighting in the house to ORB except kids ceiling fans..I may try it out on them. You guys should come visit this wouldn't recognize our house it has changed so much. We have a fun pool for the kids to splash in..the door is always open!

  2. Your sense of styleis amazing! I love that bathroom!!!

  3. Your sense of styleis amazing! I love that bathroom!!!

  4. Dawn - It is gorgeous! I would love to know the paint color...we are painting our bedroom and bathroom a pale blue, but haven't settled on *the* color yet.


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