Thursday, January 14, 2010

So Touched

I am just so blown away by our friends.  I am so blown away by the way God is loving us and blessing us through you right now.  So many people were touched by Brenda when she was here.  So many friends reached out and blessed us in so so many ways. 

Yesterday, two friends stopped by after reading my post... one with tulips and sunshine for me (smile) and another with love and hugs (smile).  They stopped by within 15 minutes of each other.  My phone has been filling up with texts from friends praying for us and loving us today... checking in on me.  My email has received several "love notes" as well as my answering machine.  And yes, I am even being loved on face book.

Today was such a mixture of emotions.  Awaking on the day you are sending someone you love greatly away is very difficult.  But I tried so hard to keep it together.  She was brave.  I was brave.  My Lord was strength.

Watching her walk out of my eyesight was difficult and the rush of emotions came for a moment and then they were free.  New and very precious friends stayed with us at the airport for two hours afterwards, loving us, just being there, making it much easier to walk to my car.

And then we napped.  And when we awoke, I felt rested and ready and excited.  God has something amazing in store and I am waiting... so very ready and anxious.

THANK YOU MY PRECIOUS FRIENDS.  Thank you for the nights having us over for dinner. Thank you for the breakfast and shopping trip out. Thank you for the gifts given at church.  Thank you for the gifts given before she came (YOU were a part of her being here) and after.  Thank you for the joy you shared with us, the questions you asked, and the memories made. THANK YOU for showing her and us God's love... we are swimming in it!  You all amaze me... over and over again.  And thank you for reaching out to us, praying for us, and loving us today... I will never forget the comfort, healing, hope, and warmth it brought!

I love you so very much.  Dawn~

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