Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Guess what we did today?

Me and B and the Sea!

Brenda and I went to the Georgia Aquarium this morning and had a WONDERFUL time!  I LOVE ANIMALS!!!!  I continue to be mesmerized by the variety and fantastic creativity of God's creatures!

I am not sure what the best part was.  Caressing the sting rays and sharks was pretty divine!  Brenda was timid at first but after she touched the first one, her hand remained in the water.

They were totally cool.  Several of them really liked being pet and so they would circle around and come right back to us.  It took all my will power not to just sneak inside the tank and sit in the middle of them!  I am sure no one would have noticed me.

And then there was Nandi, the giant manta ray who stole my heart a thousand times.  She was simply amazing... so huge, so graceful, and so playful!  She would glide across the bottom of the tank and then come right up to the wall and do a back flip.  Then in the middle of the tank, she'd stop and do several back flips in a row... just to show off.

Then we found out she had been a rescue.  She had been caught in a fishing net off the coast of South Africa.  When I found out they rescued her, instead of just killing her as many do, I could have cried.  She was rehabilitated in South Africa and then moved to Atlanta and is the only manta ray to be in an U.S. aquarium ever!

She totally ROCKS!  I am totally in love with her.  I could have sat and watched her all day.  I think she is one of the most magnificant creatures I have ever seen.

The tropical fish were fun and very colorful.  Brenda liked the yellow ones and I liked the purple ones.  They reminded me of the fish I saw when I snorkled in Cuba and Hawaii.  You can pay to snorkle in this tank... very cool... would make a great date!

Then there was lunch.  We shared a Sprite, shared some fries, and shared some chicken tenders... Brenda keeps calling "chicken" "kitchen" and so she was telling me how yummy the "kitchen" was and we both laughed pretty hard.  And she is super cool because she loves mustard like I do and so we both ate it on our fries and our kitchen... I mean chicken. :0)

After lunch we played in the gift shops.  I could have taken one of every stuffed thing they had!

Brenda is a Nemo fan and she will kill me for posting the fish lips shot but I love it!

So here is the one she prefers.

The Beluga whales were not there since the aqaurium is building a dolphin exhibit... where you can ALSO PAY AND SWIM WITH THEM!!!!!!!!!  So that was disappointing but the whale sharks were glorious as were the hammerhead sharks and other amazing sea creatures.

This morning was amazing.  It's officially one of my favorite memories with Brenda. Hope you enjoyed the "little" peek into our morning delights! 

Hugs and kisses to you all!


  1. Super cute pictures..what a lucky girl Brenda, is she waiting to be adopted by someone here? Just curious..and how long does she stay with you guys..what about school? and has she learned some do you guys communicate? Sorry for all of the

  2. Brenda is beautiful. These are fantastic pictures!! She is just a pretty young girl!! Thanks for being the hands and feet of Jesus!!

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  4. One of the many things I love about you is your love of animals. I think its just precious. I remember reading a post you did a while back about a turtle in the road (I think thats what it was...) and I smile whenever I see a turtle now because I think of you!
    Sounds like such a fun date. I can't wait to take Trey to an aquarium or a zoo! He'll just flip out!

    (Sorry about the deleted comment from Robby. I posted it and then realized too late I was signed in under his account...)


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