Friday, January 15, 2010

A Day At The Farm...

We had the BLESSING of spending Brenda's last day at the farm of my dear and amazingly precious friend, Mary Jane.  She and her husband, David, gave the kids and I a wonderful memory that we will hold dear for a very long time!  These are Mary Jane's shoes... Mary Jane is not a farm girl... she is trapped in an episode of "Green Acres" but she does it with grace and style!  And I simply adore her! (The dirt on her left foot is from one of her horses licking it! :0)

After a yummy lunch, we started our adventure with the horses.  I honestly don't know who enjoyed this more, me or the kids.  I LOVE animals and think horses are some of God's most amazing creatures.  Just being near them makes me feel His presence... majestic and strong yet gentle and loving!

This is Missy.  She is precious, sweet and amazing.  I am in love with her.  She was very interested in my camera.

She sniffed it, nibbled it, posed for it... it was adorable.  And at one point, she set her head on my shoulder... I could have just stayed there with her all day!

This is Thor.  Do you see Abby?  So you see how Thor's head is almost as large as Abby!  Thor was stunning... HUGE... but malnourished.  Thor is a rescue horse.  His owners could not feed him and so he was given to my friends.  Praise the Lord!  Now they are feeding him and loving him.

Thor stole my heart.  Something inside Thor is wounded, I can see it in his eyes.  His spirit is wounded and I just wanted to love on him all day.  He did not like my camera at all.  The sound of the shutter scared him and he would leave me.  It broke my heart and I handed my camera to David.

Thor has my heart.  I am praying for Thor... for healing and strength.  And I will be going back to love on him REALLY soon!

The kids loved feeding the horses carrots.  Brenda was totally loving it!  Abby was fearless... I love that!  At first we kept them out of the fence.   There were 6 horses and a donkey (Sicilian donkey) and so we didn't want anyone stepped on.

The miniature horses were right at Marc's level and he got a kick out of them.  One nibbled his hand and he let out an aggravated sqawk that was hillarious... but he too had no fear... LOVE IT!

After the horses and a brief stop at the frozen lake to throw sticks, rocks, and ice... the kids got to play on a log pile!  Amazing how kids can have so much fun just climbing on logs!

The precious and gorgeous dogs, Bandit and Possum, got to join us for this part.  They are Australian Shepherds (I think) and were just beautiful and sweet.  Brenda has the same love for animals as I do... I LOVE THAT!

Marc was only allowed to play on the bottom two logs... you can see he was not happy about that!  Bella is so precious and spunkie!  She was always offering to hold Marc's hand and walk with him... it was cute.  He wouldn't even look at her or smile for his picture... he was giving me his "tood"!

Then the adventure got kicked up a notch!  David came by to "work" and we ended up talking him into a ride!  The kids piled in the back and hung onto the roll bar.  Marc and I sat in the back in a little bed.

Mary Jane and Bella got in front with David and we were off!  And off!  And off!

As you can see, it evoked pure delight and deep joy!  I LOVE IT!  Abby started out with two pony tails and ended up with one and a big whack across the face from a tree branch... but she didn't care!

I thought we were going for a little jaunt around the field. Oh no!  We were off into the woods and then deep into the swamp!  It was amazing and so much fun!  The kids thought it was the best thing in the world!  They were hooting and hollering... it was great!

How cool is it to have this in your back woods!

The dogs were also loving chasing us and running with us... they are so stinkin precious.

Then when we got back to the fields, David did a VERY COOL thing.  He taught Brenda to drive the thing!  The kids and Mary Jane got out and he pressed the gas as she steered.  And something very beautiful happened... she bloomed in front of my eyes.  She wouldn't do it without me in there with David.  She was very nervous yet something was driving her to try... to trust.

After about three or four minutes, she went from very concentrated and timid to...
this... confident, happy, proud, and ready for more!
It was amazing to see her transform.

We got out and he let her drive by herself... she continued to bloom... then he let his boys get in with her... and she was full!  It was simply a very cool moment... I am so thankful for it David... thank you.

Oh sweet friends... thank you so very much.  Our last day could have only been better if Daddy had been there with us.  You have made such an amazing memory with us... I will treasure it and you forever!  Lots of love... hugs... and see you soon!

Post Edit: 10:58 a.m.
I just got a message from Brenda's foster sister that she is there, safe.  Brenda sent me a message... it simply said, "I miss you."


  1. Oh Dawn, I haven't even met Brenda and I miss her too! I'm glad she made it home safe and sound. Do you think you'll get to stay in contact with her.....or even meet her again someday?

  2. I feel the same way..I haven't met Brenda either and I miss her too..I know your heart is torn..Will you see her again? So glad she made it back safe..I can't say home because I think she may have a new home in her heart <3

  3. I've always thought Mary Jane was such a beautiful woman..inside and out! Those shoes are so

    Can't wait to see what happens with Brenda and you guys!

  4. Anonymous11:27 PM

    This is something that Brenda will never forget. It looks like y'all had the perfect day. Jillian


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