Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sssppppttt... I am in love

I am in love.  It feels so good... makes me feel happy down in my toes.  It makes me want to smile just thinking about it.  It makes me wonder how and why I can't feel like this all the time.  Hmmmm.  Why... you ask and with whom?

I am in love with my husband.  My husband of almost ten years.  We've been together for 17 years.  So why the sudden gushiness?  Because we communicated... really communicated.

I have been struggling with respect for years.  I asked my sweet girls at Mom 2 Mom to pray for me about that and I was very surprised that several of them agreed with me, could relate to me, and even seemed to share the same struggle.  So on the way home I was thinking about it.  "Just ask him." simply came to my mind.  This is a Holy Spirit moment in my book.  "I don't want to ask him," I replied.  "Why?"  Hmmmm.  I had to think for a moment.  Why?  Why didn't I ask him?  "Because I am afraid of what he might say," I answered.  "Why?"  "I don't know why," I replied to my own amazement. "Then ask him."

It seemed so simple.  It couldn't be that simple.  Nothing was that simple.  My fly boy was actually home and so over lunch... I was brave... and asked him.  And he simply answered.  No, he answered while giving me eye contact the whole time.  He answered me with thought.  He answered me with thankfulness.  And I listened and was amazed.  It was... so simple.  "I can do that," I told him, and I am.

In addition to the wonderful moment above, I communicated with him about details of why I am so emotionally exhausted... and he listened.  And I felt heard.  And he loved me.  And I felt better.

So I have found myself just wanting to be in his arms.  I have found myself just thinking of him and smiling.  I have found myself feeling like a school girl in love.  I have found myself ever so thankful for the way we continue to grow and love each other.

I share this in hopes to encourage... to encourage you to fall in love again... and communicate about what needs attention... and to listen... and to hold each other. 

My daily ten will be written for and to my love today... and will remain private! :0)


  1. I am happy for you that you found this renewed connection. I am so inspired by your post. When we dream of marriage as school girls and even when we are walking down the aisle marriage seems to be something that just happens, and just keeps happening. The truth is it is HARD and it takes work and sometimes (at least for me) it stinks and the instinct to run out of fear out of uncertainty can be so overwhelming. But the truth is communication and work make love all that much more sweet. Thank you so much for sharing your insecurities. It so helps to know that we are not alone.....

    p.s. LOVE the color of your hair too!

  2. yeah Dawn! This is so beautifully written! Thanks for sharing, and for giving us the opportunity to pray for you and with you! :)


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