Thursday, October 22, 2009

Never Ending Search For Balance

Will I ever feel like my life is in proper balance?  Why is this so very hard for me?  I need about ten of me!  I need one who can craft and create all day... and I do mean all day and into the wee hours of the night!  Trying to keep myself from this to do dishes, floors, and toilets is VERY HARD!

And since we are speaking of toilets... I need a second one to CLEAN AND ORGANIZE ALL DAY and I do mean ALL DAY and into the wee hours of the night.  I will not expand on this one... self explanatory!

And I need a third me to nurture my friendships ALL DAY AND YES... into the wee hours of the night!  One to write a long letter to Karen in VA, another long letter to Shelley in Montana, another long letter to my sister in Vegas, some sweet "thinking of you cards" to about ten of my friends, emailing about ten more, having lunch with another and then coffee with another, and then a girls night dinner with about 6 others and then coming home and chatting on facebook with about 5 others!  Notice there aren't any phone calls listed... I HATE the phone... except with my mother!

And I need a fourth one to be there and active with my kids all day.. and into the NOT SO WEE hours of the night.  One to go for a walk each morning with Marc, volunteer twice a week at Abby's school, have lunch with Abby once a week at school, take them to the park at least several times a week, have play dates for them at least once a week, play Barbies with Abby at least three times a week, read to each of them daily, help Abby with homework daily, play outside with them daily, and the other 50 things that go along with all of that!

And I need a fifth one to run errands all day.  That's all I will say about that one!

I need a sixth one to do all the activities I want to do: Book Club, Bible Study, Small Group, Praise Practice, Mom 2 Mom, Prayer Group, Volunteer Work, Craft Shows, Pilates Class, Piano Lessons, and Knitting Class!

I need a seventh one to just stay in God's presence all day and into the wee hours of the night by being in his word, singing praises, serving him, and praying!

I need an eigth one to be with my husband all day and yes, into the wee hours of the night!

And I need a ninth one to just take care of me: reading, doing my nails, working out, watching movies, going for long walks, soaking in long baths, BLOGGING, getting inspired, and SLEEPING!

So I guess that is just NINE... not TENBUT I am SURE I forgot something!

My Daily Thankfuls!  Are you keeping track of yours?

1. The AMAZING, STUNNING, and ELECTRIC pink sunrise this morning that took my breath away numerous times!
2. The sweet friendships God continues to bless me with and the way he loves me through them!
3. Abby communicating better than she has in a long time.
4. Abby going about two weeks without a seizure- PRAISE THE LORD for his mercy and goodness!
5. The amazing response I have already gotten about Brenda's hosting from several precious and dear friends!
6. The fact I feel rested today after just 6 hours of sleep... I usually need a good nine!
7. My husband's sweet love.
8. A comfy bed to sleep and wake up in!
9. The chill of fall this morning that JUST MAKES ME HAPPY!
10. The sweet gifts God showers me with each day!

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  1. When you find those people and you're finished with them, please send them to my house! Thanks. I totally relate with this post. Loves!

  2. TEN wow ... even cats only have 9 lives....when you master the art of duplicating yourself can you pass along the step by step directions?


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