Monday, October 19, 2009

A Little Gift and A Little Prayer

My handsome fly boy and I have decided to host an orphan for a month in December again this year.  We have prayed about it and are both filled with excitement and hope. 

We did this before, in December of 2007 into January 2008, if you want to go into my archives and read about it.  It came about very unexpectantly and was such a "God Thing".  We found out that her orginal host family fell through the day before she was supposed to arrive.  We were meeting with our social worker about our adoption paperwork when she mentioned it.  She was a 5 year old Russian orphan, Karina, with cerebral palsey.  Both of us felt instantly that we were supposed to step up and take her. She arrived the next day.

We had many questions in our hearts.  What was God doing?  Did he intend for us to adopt her?  We were already so far into the process.  But we decided to step forward in faith!  We took it a day at a time and let God show us what he wanted... and he did.  She was not the right fit for our family, but another family met her while we had her here and brought her home just earlier this year... she is now with her forever family!  We were just PART of the plan and we were SO HAPPY we took that leap!
So... there is a precious little Russian girl, her name is Anya, and we are so hoping to host her.  BUT... it is in question whether she can come.  So PLEASE pray that if it is God's plan for this precious little one to spend a month with our family, that He will open doors and light the path for her to come!  And we are also in prayer that God will guide us and give us wisdom through this process.
We are also presenting the program to our church this Sunday!  Our prayer is that a couple more families will be moved to open their hearts and home to love on these kids!  So PLEASE pray that the Lord will prepare hearts and several more children will find host families!

If you would like information on this very unique and wonderful opportunity to BE GOD'S LOVE and LIGHT to a special child, please check out New Horizons for Children at

THANK YOU for your prayers!!!!!!  I love you so much.

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  1. What an amazing offering for your family to give to another child! I spent some time reading the website and it seems like one heck of a great program! I will pray that this is a wonderful opportunity and experience for everyone.

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