Friday, October 23, 2009

For Her... and For You!

And I am so excited to kick off my fundraising efforts to bring Brenda here to spend four to five weeks with us!  I love making things and several people have been asking to purchase my flower pins and so I am kicking off with three wonderful fabric/felt flower pins! 

Brenda is in an orphange in Latvia.  She was chosen by the "New Horizons For Children" program to come and spend Christmas in America with a Christian family!  Members of the program travel to orphanges in Eastern Europe and interview children to find the ones that fit into the program.  It is such an amazing story!  All of the women who work in the program have adopted 5+ children!

Don and I have been so moved by this program and how it ends up giving a new life to 80% of the children they bring over through them being adopted!  God is so amazing and I am so humbled at how he teaches people to walk in his will for his kingdom!

This year, over 200 children will be coming!  Please check out the website for New Horizons at to find out more information on this program.

Thank you for all the emails and phone calls of support for us and for Brenda.  On the first day I posted this, a dear friend from VA emailed and asked to send us a check directly!  What an encouragement and sweet gift!

So here are three of my pins.  I just love making these and I love wearing them as well!  They can be pinned to curtains, a tote bag, jeans, sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, a pillow, and so much more!  They make wonderful gifts for teachers, bus drivers, mail ladies, friends, sisters, moms, secret pals, of course daughters!

This one is "Pinkalicious"!  I made it to go on one of Abby's pink sweaters.
It of course would also look great on brown, green, gray, black, and purple! There are two of these available.  SOLD OUT as of 3:06 p.m.!  WOOO HOOOOO... THANK YOU Heather!!!!!!!!

This pin is "Soaring Hope".  I made it with Brenda in mind.  It will look great on pink, black, white, brown, and yellow!  There are three of these available.

Then there is this vibrant, colorful, and simply inspiring pin named, "Inspiration".  I am inspired by "New Horizons"!  The cord fabric is just yummy!  I put it on an orange sweater I have and it really pops!  It would also look great on olive green, dark brown, gray, and hot pink!  There are two of these available.

All these pins are $12 each and that includes shipping.  They are larger than the ones I have made before... like almost four inches wide... making them pretty cool!

Just email me at and I will give you my address to mail a check.  Once it arrives, I'll mail you the pin!  100% of the money from these sales will go to the money we are raising to host Brenda.

Please also feel free, PLEASE, to give your friends this link or post this on your blog!  The more awareness we get, the more chance other children may be hosted and then eventually adopted!

PLEASE also remember... just because you host a child does not mean you will adopt them!  Someone may meet them just by you having them here and want them to become part of their family.  You may just be a piece of the "FABRIC" that God has woven for this child's life!    

POST EDIT:  I made this little guy this afternoon and HAD to add him today... since Halloween is just a week away!  He is "Pumpkin of Promise" and I just adore him.  He is $7 and smaller than the larger ones.
There are 5 available and I can mail them ASAP!  *Note: He will not say, "One Beautiful Life"... that is for blog photo purposes!


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