Thursday, October 01, 2009

Beware... Rant Ahead

I am sick today. Very sick. Upper respiratory infection with much fluid in the ears and I am just spent. I come home from the doctor's office and log onto the computer (to check email) and here are the headlines... (in summary):
"Oprah reveals her drastic hairstyles" and "Michael Jordan builds lavish mansion "on" Jupiter".
To add, Jordan's "home" he is building in Jupiter, FL is 37, 942 square feet. Oh, and Derek Jeter is also building at mere 30,000 square foot home... athletes... people who have made MILLIONS playing a sport and endorsing products that we fool biscuits buy!

Can we just talk about waste? Are there even enough words to describe such waste? Such nonsense? Such "me" ism? Such self absorbed waste of money, time, natural resources, and space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes... Yes there is... Babylon.

I am taking my meds and going to bed.

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