Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Before and After

Finally! Here are before and after pictures of the living room. The lighting was not that great but you can see the transformation well enough. This picture was taken very soon after we moved in to our new home. The walls were a weird cream color with way too much yellow in them. It could have been worse...

but it could also be better! We went with classic khaki from Sherwin Williams and I am VERY pleased with the color. We added crown molding (that I cropped out... sorry) and it really defined the higher ceilings of the room. Fly boy took down the blinds and I added the curtains ($10 panels from Lowes!) for a softer feel. I have plans to "better" them too. Stay tuned! The fireplace screen is down right now because a little someone pulled it down on top of him while we were in Spain. And it allows me to have punko's (pumpkins) on the hearth. So soon, you won't be able to see the black in the fireplace!

Of course the HIGHLIGHT of the room is the craftsman molding Ty added. He did a great job. We LOVE it! We chose not do have it on the fireplace wall because it was so busy with two windows and the fireplace. So we did it on the two back walls. It was just enough. I have big plans for the space above the sofa! Stay tuned!
I am not crazy about these speakers on top of the armour... but sometimes function has to mix in with fashion!
My mantle is one of my favorite things in here. I love everything on it (very important). But I also love the family picture I created by using pictures from the lake and printing them in sepia to go with my "brown" theme. When I see it, it makes me happy (also very important!).

The living room is open to the kitchen (we love that!) and in that area, by the side of the coat closet is a small little wall... very small. I wanted it to be functional. My fly boy added hooks and now it's where my purse, diaper bag, and mom to mom bag live (along with my jacket since "fall" is kinda here!). So there is room number one... made home!
And now for my daily ten! Make yours too! Be blessed today.

1. music
2. books
3. the beauty in nature
4. the birds on my bird feeder each day
5. the hummingbirds God has given me
6. the beautiful peace in sunsets
7. the beautiful promise in sunrises
8. the power and beauty in storms
9. the beauty and mystery of trees
10. feeling God's presence when I sing to Him


  1. I love the craftsman woodwork! It definitely adds a lot to the space. I can't wait to see more of your new home!

  2. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I love the room! Especially the molding! P.S. Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!


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