Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This is the precious child we will be hosting this Christmas.  Her name is Brenda and she is from an orphanage in Latvia.

She is ten years old, sings in a choir, loves to play outside with dogs, wants to be in a family with other children, likes to cook, likes gym, and loves Hannah Montanna.  We are thrilled to share our home, our Christmas, our love, God's love, and this time with her!  

Anya was hosted by another family and I have such peace that God has chosen the child he wanted us to love on... knowing this is her... I can't stop looking at her!  When I look at her eyes, it's like she is saying, "Hello."

"How precious is your loving kindness, O God!  Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of your wings."  Psalm 36: 7~

I will be working on our fundraising letter today as well as an informational brochure to hand out at church!  If you would like to receive either, please feel free to email me with your address and I'd love to let you be apart of this adventure with us!    My email address is allfromhim@bellsouth.net

The other thing you can do, huge thing, is pray!  Prayer is such a wonderful blessing!  Here is a prayer request list.  Please know I do not take your prayers for granted!  It is such a gift to know you are before the Father on our behalf... and now on Brenda's behalf! 

Prayer Requests for Hosting Brenda:
1. That her visa and all her paperwork is in order and that her trip here will be safe.
2. That her heart will be prepared to see and receive God's love that we will pour upon her!
3. That any fears she may have of traveling and being here will be calmed by the Father's hand.
4. That she and Abby will get along and enjoy each other's company!
5. That Abby's health will stay maintained so we are not having to be in the hospital while Brenda is here!
6. That God will work mightily in her life while she is here and she will carry that with her forever.
7. That God will speak to our hearts and guide us in his plan for her.
8. That I will find a GREAT Latvian dictionary with phonetics so I can learn some language before she comes... she doesn't speak english!
9. That God will be glorified in how audacious he is in her life!
10. That other children without host families are hosted soon and ALL of them are able to come!

THANK YOU precious friends... thank you so much!


  1. Plese do keep me posted on your fundraising letters. I would love to donate both prayers and some assistance. I can be much more generous in the prayer categfory but I know that every little bit helps in both areas! She is beautiful. What language does she speak?

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