Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Well what a Monday that was...

I had high hopes for a productive Monday and a week full of, well, good stuff.  Then came Monday.  And did she ever arrive with a bang spin.

I awoke at around 5:15 a.m. and felt like, well, I had to pee.  So I lied there and tried to decide if I could go back to sleep, since I really didn't want to get up, or if I really needed to go.  After several seconds of debate, I decided to go and stood up.  I literally flung around back onto the mattress as everything started spinning.  I stood again, cautiously, and yep... still spinning.  So I started trying to walk to the bathroom, thinking it was just a head rush from getting up quickly or something.  I made it to the bathroom by literally bouncing off the walls.  At this point, several things are going through my head... all at once.

This is not good.  This is not a head rush.  This is not stopping.  I am about to explode.  What should I do?  What is happening?  Am I about to have a seizure?  Am I having an aneurysm?  Oh Jesus.  Jesus.  Jesus come!  Don is not here.  The kids, what about the kids?  OK.  This is happening and I have to handle it!

The spinning continued and continued and I could feel my eyes flickering back and forth like when you get off a merry go round.  If I closed my eyes, it made me sicker.  If I left my eyes open, I was about to puke.  So I got sick.  And the spinning continued forever, for years for a long time.  While holding onto to the bathroom walls, I started yelling for my 12 year old.  Once she got there, I asked her to get the phone for me.  I tried a close friend first.  Her cell phone was off. (They have no home phone.)  I tried my husband second, his phone was off.  He was on a trip in another state.  So then I tried my parents and of course, got them.  I continued to get sick.  I continued to spin and spin and spin.  It was wretched.  I wanted so badly to climb out of the madness and yet, all I could do was sit in it.

Longer story short, my parents begged me to call 911 and so I did so.  I hated the fact they felt so helpless so far away in another state and so I did as they asked even though I didn't want to go to the hospital.  I asked my daughter to bring me more appropriate clothing for the EMT's and a bra of course!  LOL  I was at least thinking that clearly!  They came and my vitals were fine.  Seriously?  Fine?  Sweat was popping out of my face and rolling down like tears and yet my vitals looked "great".  The world was spinning in rapid fast forward for 20 minutes, at least, and my vitals looked "great".  They said they thought I was getting a migraine.  So we decided I would not go to the hospital but get to the doctor that day and so I did.  And after some tests, I was told I had vertigo.

Yuck.  I NEVER want to step into that carnival moment again.  It was hell.  Without fire.  But hell.
Thanks to my precious, precious friends, R & J, I spent the second half of the day in bed.  They took the two littles and kept them for an overnight so I could rest.  Don came home from his trip early and I felt/feel like everything will be ok.

I am feeling better today, yet not 100%.  I am still waiting for some results of some blood work and I have an upcoming MRI.  I have been having serious neck/back issues all year and I do think this is somehow related to that.

And that is where the reason for this post comes into play.  Please pray I get some answers.   I am seriously so tired of things like this happening.  This is about the third episode like this I have had ever as well as throwing my neck out three or four times in the past couple months.  It is a bit ragged on the nerves and I really don't have time for such nonsense in my life!  LOL  Momma can't be down in my life!  It doesn't work well for me/us.   

You have always been so sweet, generous, faithful to pray for my family and so I am thanking you in advance for your prayers.  I do not take them lightly and appreciate them so very much.  I believe prayers are like the power cords that God's power travels back and forth through!   THANK YOU.

Much, much love... Dawn (aka... Dizzy)



  1. Goodness Dawn..how scary..especially when you are the only adult home...I hope and pray you find out some answers soon :)

  2. Oh no!! I hate Vertigo!! I started getting vertigo about a year ago after getting an upper cervical adjustment from this chiropractor I was seeing. Unfortunately now it's just a part of my life. It comes & goes, but usually stays around for a few days/weeks when I do have it. Then it will just go away for a while. It really depends on what I do to my neck, so I try to be careful how I turn on it when I'm in bed especially. I will be praying that your tests results come back fine & that this vertigo is just a temporary thing for you. Bright side? At least it wasn't followed by a migraine :)
    Love you girl!

  3. I cannot imagine how scary this has been for you, but God does know, and He is in full control. My prayer for answers from the doctors and tests is combined with one for peace to flow freely from the Holy Spirit into you. Rest in His care for you and His power over all your circumstances. Much love coming your way.


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