Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Beach Bummer

We went to the beach.  That is not the bummer.  The bummer is... we had to come home.  I am seriously in a funk today.  I had more fun at the beach than I have ever had in the past.  I think that may be part of it.  I don't really get to have "fun" that often.  Like really play.  When we had a ski boat and we would ski at the lake... that was fun.  Tooling around in the minivan pontoon boat is not really FUN... I mean, it's nice... it is enjoyable... it is relaxing... but it is not FUN.

I boogie boarded and body surfed my little booty off.  Well... not really off but sore and that is cool... workin your buns while totally PLAYING in the ocean all day!  The waves were PERFECT and we would ride them for hours!  I think the little girl inside of me bloomed.  Normally, I am all under the beach tent with my book, intent on relaxing and soaking it in but this time... I PLAYED and I PLAYED HARD!  It was the best time I have had in a gazillion years.  And that has left me in a FUNK as I return to the daily routine of here.  Isn't that just pathetic.  I mean, my bagel did not even taste as good this morning as it did at the beach yesterday!  And my coffee wasn't as good either... I mean it!  Much less the house we stayed in.... here is a glimpse of that bad boy...

I mean really... look at this.  The downstairs was one giant open room with the kitchen/living room/dinning room area all together and it was just seriously perfect.  The drawers even closed themselves!  There were 4 stools for 4 little booties to eat there each day.  There was a screened porch off the back and a huge full front porch off the front.  And the breeze... the ocean breeze... and the smell... that fabulous smell of salt in the air that just MAKES ME HAPPY!  This house was my dream house... down to the light fixtures and mattress on our bed!  Ughh... speaking of bed... I should just go back and crawl into mine and have a crying fit.  Actually, I need to go in the back yard and kick and scream and pitch a fit and then go upstairs into my closet and beg for forgiveness!  I am missing the WHOLE experience so badly today that I am just being a pill... an ungrateful pill.  Yuck.  :0(

Here are some more pics from the greatest beach trip we have ever had to date.  We went with some dear friends and it just added to the whole wonderfulness of the whole thing.  Ok.  I am going to shut up for today. :0)

I am going to unpack and clean now...


  1. You crack me up :-D
    But I know what you mean. I loooove the beach. That is one place I am truly relaxed.
    Good company is a must. It is fun to watch a wave seneak up on your friend, knock them over and while you are histerically laughin, you realize you also have sand in places you never knew it can get into LOL :-D
    I love to enjoy the breaze with a good book and to watch my husband create masterpeace sculptures in the sand. Ahhhhh. You make me want to go so bad.

    I am really glad you had a good time. Pictures are awesome! You and Don make such a good couple :-)

  2. Anonymous2:22 PM

    Looks like a wonderful trip --- what a beautiful home, and such great smiles!!! what a fantastic memory to add to your story.
    erin (from Germany)

  3. Oh my gosh, that kitchen is GORGEOUS. Please say you took more pictures of the house & will post them soon. That vacation sounds divine & one day in about oh two years I hope to make a trip in a house this beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Hope you get over your funk real soon! :)

  4. well who would have wanted to come home?? Not me!! Look at that water!! HOW BEAUTIFUL!! We can't wait to take Linnea to the beach for the first time!! She is going to LOVE it!!! Hope you get your groove back ;-)

  5. You look AMAZING! I love your hair color. And Abby looks so grown up! Taylor, stunning as usual and my little Marc man still his precious self.
    I miss you guys SO much..
    I'm so glad you had such a great time and got to connect with your inner child :) .. that beach was beautiful and so was the HOUSE! I can understand why you're throwing a fit. :)

    I seriously miss you guys so much.. I wish I was sitting at your table having a heart to heart or just coloring with the the littles.
    I think you a Hawaiian vacation.. or better yet, a GREEK vacation. In, oh say.. July? I'm thinking yes. :)


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