Thursday, May 17, 2012

Twenty 20 Challenge- Day 3

Today was a crazy busy day.  It started with Abby having 2 seizures last night. Way bummer.  So my morning was very different from what I had planned and I kept Abby home from school to love on her and pour into her soul.  Her right leg was really tingling and weak too so I felt better having her with me.  We had a good day.

In addition to all that, it was Marc's last day of pre-school and so there was a little last day celebration.  From there we went to run some errands and had lunch and went grocery shopping and then it was time to pick up Taylor to dash home and then I was off for my massage.  And I must mention, my massages are not pamper massages... they are torture your body and eliminate calcium massages but they help me greatly!  :0)

So then I am back  home and making dinner and cleaning up and yada yada... SOOOOO here I was... at 10 p.m. trying to get my 20 items rounded up because of the accountability of this blog!  Ha.  :0) What a great motivation.  So it is almost 11 and I am way tired and I will take my pictures tomorrow but here is what I did today.

I raided my drawer of skivies!  I knew it would be an easy target with panties that are in the fabric of picnic blankets (not as big as them mind you!  LOL) and socks that I never wear and bras that drive me crazy!  So MOST of my 20 came from there and I added an old bathing suit and a night slip to get to my 20! 

It's funny.  The whole process tonight threw me a couple curve balls.  I went to my armour first, thinking I could toss some old calendars, journals, and books. But something very different happened.  As I was reading through some journals, I was SMACKED at how much I used to prayer journal and how I totally don't do that now. Hmmmm.  It was amazing reading back through some of those journals.  I mean, there are prayer journals from the 90's in there!  It was so cool to see who I was praying for and for what I was praying for and to read/remember that time and that part of my relationship with the Lord.  I asked myself why I had stopped.  My blog came to my mind!  It has ended up being where I share/vent/pray/explore spiritual thoughts/convictions and I really have stopped journaling.  Sad.

SOOOO, I picked up the last journal I had been using and it is out again... not O-U-T... but out on my table and I plan to start those conversations back up with my Father.  I am excited and really looking forward to that time with Him!  And the other journals went right back in.  They are going to stay.

I also has another funny experience in my underwear drawer with three scarves from the 90's.  Seriously.  Do you remember those little scarves we wore around our necks like we were trying to hide hickies or teeth marks!?  It was BEFORE Don and I married!  It was the 90's and yet, there in the bottom of my pantie box, were three little scarves.  I thought I had hit the jack pot with an easy 3.  But then I couldn't get rid of them!  I took them back out of the pile and tucked them away!  HA HA  Out of all the ones I had, probably about 10 or so... these three were the ones I kept.  And I KNOW that as soon as I toss the final three... they will come back in style 2 years from now and I will be kicking myself!  So we'll see if they end up back in the pile before my 20 days are up.  For now, they ended up being a "stay" as well.

In all the digging, I also ran across a book I was wanting to read that I bought, put aside while I finished another one, and then forgot about.  So that was a win too!

I am very excited that a couple more people have decided to join me in this.  How fun is that!  And it helps me feel accountable and made me get my 20 before bed tonight and so I thank you!!

I have my MRI tomorrow and it is another crazy day but I am hoping to get my pictures done and have my next 20 before 11 p.m.

Good Night!
Love and hugs...

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