Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Twenty/20 Challenge Day 2

Very cool.  Today has been a packed day and so I knew if I headed to the bathroom, I'd have 20 items in no time.  Actually, it was a tiny bit hard... as a feel guilty for throwing stuff away.  Even used makeup.  AND THAT is half the battle for me when it comes to bathroom toiletries cluttering up my drawers/cabinet and under the sink! The other half is thinking that "brilliant Brunette" shampoo is actually going to make my hair look lustrous and shiny and gorgeous!  LOL  And I have to say that I seriously owe you a product plug.  I have found amazing shampoo and conditioner that make my hair FABULOUS and it is VERY affordable.  I'll tell you about that later. 

I also felt a bit bad about throwing away a bottle of almost full "Pomegranate" perfume by Bath and Body Works BUT the truth is I have had that bottle for almost 4 years and well... it is not even half empty.  The bottle next to it IS empty (never fear I have another new one I will be breaking out tomorrow) as I have been wearing Juicy Couture for over a year and is my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!!  So simplify.  Get rid of Pomegranate and keep JC!

The Mary Kay eye shadow made me feel badly too.  But this whole process is helping me learn some lessons.  I bought that from a friend who was trying to start out in the business because I wanted to be supportive.  I was also trying to "get out of my box".  BUT I am a sand/brown/peaches/very seldom gray/plum kinda eye shadow girl!  And so there MK has sat for years and not been used.  And I didn't want to pay the extra $$ for the holders and it was just rubbing me they make that stuff separate!

The diffuser has been used maybe twice and I really don't get that whole thing.  It does not do anything different for me hair so out it went with a really old and uncomfortable headband!

  I ended up throwing this in for good measure and ended up with 21 items for the day!  This was a freebie from somewhere and has been used maybe three times over 6 years!  I have plenty of shimmer on my own!  I don't need shimmer lotion!!! LOL  O-U-T!!!!!!

AND, as a bonus, I stumbled across this in a random drawer and Abby has two places on her that are very mad after being bitten (she has MAJOR high histomine) and so I was able to put it on her!   Yeah. 

So it was a good day.  I am HOPING to get into some clothes tomorrow.  Or actually I may try and come up with 20 items for the consignment store.  We'll see. 

So very excited some of you have been inspired and are joining me!  I'd love to hear about how it was going so please share your stories!

Have a blessed less-cluttered day!
Much love, Dawn

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  1. Oh this is SUCH a problem for me. Eugene was just ranting the other day how I have this box sitting outside my bathroom door (in my bedroom floor) that is full of toiletries that he was going on & on about why don't I get rid of some of this junk?!! I just always think, well what if I need/want it later? It's so hard, but so freeing when you do de-clutter. There is SO much stuff I need to get rid of. That's really what I should make my whole summer break about, purging my house of all the CRAP!!! I should have a free yard sale & just give all this stuff away!!! :)


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