Saturday, May 19, 2012

Twenty/20 Challenge- Day 4

This has become a challenge, for sure, in stealing the time I need to not only gather/find/decide upon my 20 items as well as the time to photograph them and blog about them!  HA HA  But the whole blogging about it has totally added an accountability aspect and has been the driving force to make me hunt them down each day! 

Yesterday, I stole a few minutes and hit my t-shirt drawer!

I was SO hoping I could get a full 20 from there, but I didn't. :0(  I tried them on and several I haven't worn in a long time inspired me for new outfits and so I kept them.  I know.  Half the battle is getting rid of some things that still may be cute but I just don't wear.  So I am struggling with that.  There is one t-shirt that is my favorite and I wear it at least once a week!  Then there are others I haven't worn since Africa!  Yeah.  I kept one of those though, because it is navy blue and will come in handy for the 4th of July.  HA HA

But I did end up with 12 to purge out of there and so that was great... well... good.  And in the process... organization of the drawer was a bonus as well as a few new outfit ideas!

We'll see how long this lasts but for now, all my tanks are in the back... my shorts all in a neat stack, printed t-shirts in a stack, plain front shirts in another stack, and "great cause" shirts (Project One Forty Three and Africa and adoption shirts) are in another stack!  Yeah.  I like that! :0)

I hit Marc's closet to get the 8 more items I needed and got 8 books easily!  He has several of those little board books from the wee little days and so I nabbed those to give to a friend who has just had her second baby!  They are great for the diaper bag, car, and wee little hands.

I then went through my stack of 12 shirts and found 4 the consignment store will take and then tied a ribbon around 4 of the books to make them cute!  And now I have a stack going for the consignment store, a bag for the thrift store, and the books are going to be given to Brie tomorrow!

All in all, this is working.  I feel like I am accomplishing something without feeling overwhelmed.  It is working out better for me to blog the following day about the previous day and so I may just stick with that! :0)

Have a blessed weekend!
Much love,

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  1. I'm glad you're not throwing this stuff away. I almost panicked at first thinking you were just going to throw this stuff away, lol.


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