Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Twenty/20 Challenge- Day 5

In the midst of the chaos right now, I gathered another 20 today!  It is not pretty or organized... ha ha.  But it is here in a bag with the last purges to go to the thrift store on the way to gymnastics in 10 minutes!

A binder of printed recipes from HGTV I printed in 1999, 4 birds ornaments, a bag of ornaments, hoodies, an old photo album, a pony tail holder, gift card holder, scarf, necklace, wall stickers, books and shoe hanger closet thingies made the cut today!  As well as some t-ball shoes Don found at a thrift store, spent a few dollars on, and are now headed back after the end of the season!

I have found that getting 20 EVERY day has been unrealistic.  But I am still sticking with it and am excited to get my 20 going for tomorrow. 

If you have joined me, stick with it.  I am now at 100 items out of the house and they are on to better things.  As well as some peace left behind!

Hugs and love, Dawn

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  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Yeah, I haven't been able to do 20 items every day, either. I have gotten rid of 120 items so far though, and have plans to get back on it today. -Jennifer


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