Friday, January 16, 2009

Quick Update Before the Weekend.

Abby had a seizure this morning at the bewitching 5:30 a.m. hour. Now I am in a new sort of panic... like I needed a new one! We are going to be presented to the birth mother in California anytime. If she chooses us... it could be next week... or the next. Then we'll have to be in California for a week to 10 days for all the paperwork to be completed. Abby is supposed to be going into the hospital on Jan. 26 for days of testing. Hmmm... see the problem.

Before her seizure this morning it had been five days since she had one... before that it was two weeks... so switch it around and you have two weeks without one, then five days, then three... see the trend?

So I am feeling very anxious today that we are only going to have a couple nights again before she has another one. We are going to call her neurologist today and talk with him. We can postpone her hospital visit if we are in CA... the timing is just really hairy.

So, please add to your prayers control of Abby's seizures and a settling of my spirit. I do know that God does not give us more than we can handle AND that His timing is perfect. Pray I can hold to that during the next week. THANK YOU. AND THANK YOU for your comments to pray. It encourages me to see my friends support in prayers. Love to you all.

Post note: In school time this morning, I was doing an exercise with Abby that is also a brain therapy exercise. I use UNO cards and flip them out for her to identify the number or color as fast as she can. You alternate every so cards whether you want the color or number... this helps her with her processing. Sadly, oh so sadly, this morning she could not do her colors. The seizure this morning was longer than usual and my precious baby has forgotten her colors. Her frustration, as she stared at a blue 7, was heart wrenching... "How do you do this mommy?" "Just tell me the color honey." Pause... pause... lies her head down on the back of the sofa and sadly whispers... "I can't."

Please pray for her mental healing from this seizure and that my anger towards these horrible thiefs will calm. I seriously need a kicking bag in the garage.


  1. You have my support and prayers too even though you don't even know me. I'm a grandma to a little sweetheart who has mitochondrial. I've been following your blog and your precious Abby.

  2. May God Bless you Don, Dawn & Abby. I'm still praying!

  3. Lots of prayers for Abby and you!!!


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