Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I can't even really title this little blurb. I am writing not because I have new news, but because I have to go somewhere and say something! I am about to burst a vein with the effort it takes to remain controlled when you are bursting at the seams on the inside. Let me tell you... it takes a lot of work. To know something so important is just right around the corner and it may work out for you and it may not and the answer will come... could be in ten minutes, could be in ten days. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh is an understatement.

So for now, I use much effort to not dwell on it. For now, I remain focused on Abby's hospital visit that starts Monday (if we aren't called to get our new daughter).

So on that note, I ask for prayers for Abby. I have a bag full of activites that are new and will take many movies, games, and treats... but there are still prayers to be prayed.

I LOVE to request specific prayer requests and so I leave you with the following:

1.) Pray that she has no fear and the courage that resides in her will cover any fears that arise while we are there. 2.) Pray they are able to quickly get a vein when they attempt to put in the IV... pray her veins are prepared and it is gotten on the first attempt. 3.) Pray she is protected as she is put under for the MRI on Monday. 4.) Pray that is there is anything to be seen, that God will highlight it and make it visible and open the eyes of the dcotors to notice and see it. 5.)Pray she is able to get hooked up to the EEG on Monday afternoon. 6.) Pray she has a seizure on Tuesday or Wednesday. I KNOW that seems crazy. But there are two tests that need a seizure to be done. We'll have to WAIT as many days as it takes to get a seizure. I don't want to be there any longer than possible. 7.) Pray the nurses are kind and loving towards her. 8.) Pray that we both will get the rest we need there at night (very busy and loud time for hospitals sometimes) 9.) Pray if we are not called to CA before Monday, that we will not be called to come until Abby is out of the hospital.

10.) Pray for God's presence and mercy and knowledge to cover everything in between!

THANK YOU a million times as always. Thank you for emailing your prayers to me. Thank you for calling me and praying with me over the phone. Thank you for posting your name and letting me know you are in prayer. You have no idea how encouraging that it to me and my family and how it gives me strength and hope.

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  1. Sending all those prayers to you and Abby!!!


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