Thursday, January 08, 2009

12 Day Detox- Day 3

I am writing early today. My handsome hard working man returns home today and I want to share all my time with him later! It was after 1:30 a.m. until I went to sleep again last night... mercy... this needs to end.

I feel great today. Schooling is going very badly this week... I think it's the worst week we have had. She has never been "off" for three days in a row and it is exhausting and discouraging.

This morning went something like this... (all the while spinning in her chair and standing up and walking away from the table)

Mommy: We are going to talk about the seasons today. Do you know what the seasons are?

Abby: No

Mommy: The seasons are the four different times of year. (showing her the book)

The seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. What season are we in now?

Abby: I don't know.

Mommy: explains seasons with photos... so which season are we in now?

Abby: Spring...?

Mommy: No... is it hot or cold outside?

Abby: Hot.

Mommy: Do you think it is hot outside right now?

Abby: Yes. (with confident head nod)

Mommy: Yesterday, you wore two shirts, a heavy jacket and a hat. Do we wear those things when it is hot outside?

Abby: Yes.

Mommy: Honey... do you know what hot and cold are? Do you know that ice is cold and this heater (in the school room and was great visual) is hot?

Abby: Yes.

Mommy: Alright... let's talk about it some more and cut out a snow flake.

So there is ten minutes of school today. Yesterday she could not write half her numbers (that she has been writing for weeks) and was also VERY frustrated and unreceptive. She had a seizure two mornings ago and I am guessing that HAS to be part of it. It really makes me sad though. It is making me question my ability to teach her and I know that is a spiritual attack. It is making me want to bang my head into the table and I know that is an exhaustion attack. So anyway... tomorrow is a new day and we will try again.

On to the detox. Here is the menu for today. (Erin, you could just use this one to make it easy if you can wait that long!)

Breakfast: Very berry muffin with a pear. Water with lime.
*I have to confess these muffins are not the best muffins in the world...
nor are they second best or third best. Part of the reason why, I am
sure, is that there is no sugar in the recipe and I opted to leave
out the recommended Stevia. (need to research that more.)
BUT, I cut the muffin into pieces and ate it with the pear (very sweet)
at the same time and it was much better!

Lunch: Crazy Good! Used left over chicken from last night and
made a scrumptious chicken salad on a bed of organic mixed
baby greens with Chinese cabbage mixed in. I topped it with
scallions, hard boiled egg, grape tomatoes, and cucumber.
The dressing was made with olive oil, apple cider vinegar and lime!

Snack: Foresee no snack today but was going to have half an orange.
You could also have celery sticks with hummus!

Dinner: Succulent Spiced Sea Scallops with steamed broccoli and
cauliflower and apple slices. Scallops are added to hot vegetable broth
and then tossed in turmeric, cumin, garlic, and sea salt when done. (I am
leaving out the fennel because I have none.)
Broccoli and Cauliflower will be tossed in olive oil and
21 seasoning salute from Trader Joe's.

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