Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cynthia is in the Air Force

My sister, Cynthia, was sworn into the Air Force yesterday and tearfully got on a bus that took her to an airplane that took her to San Antonio for 8 weeks of basic training. Needless to say, she is very nervous about the unknown. My heart is hurting for her right now as she is thrown into a world of unknown with lots of yelling and girls!
BUT... I am hopeful for her as well. Hopefully, this is what she needs to be able to see who she really is and all the potential she has inside. My immediate prayer is that she will bond with one of the other girls and have someone to share this with as she is allowed to make one 15 second phone call on Saturday to give my parents her address. She will be very lonely. My prayer is also that she will be drawn to lean on the Lord during this time and find her way to Him again... as He is waiting for her patiently with loving arms. Good Luck Cynthia! I am so proud of your courage and I love you crazy.

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