Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Number Two!

Oh, I can hardly type without stumbling all over the keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!! My two hawks are such a gift from God I could just squeeze Him to pieces! Last night, we learned that there is another "situation" in California. "Situation" means there is a child needing a new home and family. So we have been filling out paperwork and contracts and agreements and taking pictures and replying to emails and faxing documents since last night. We could be presented to the birth mother as early as today!!!!!!!

So we are currently being considered in... two adoption situations! One in Texas, a five year old girl, and one in California, also a five year old girl. Your prayers are so needed right now... this very moment... stop and pray!

I'd like to specific because there is so much to cover and if you'll pray... I'd love to give you some stuff to work with!

1.) Pray for the two birth mother's. Pray for peace, guidance, wisdom, comfort, strength, courage, and healing.
2.) Pray God will shower His presence down upon these girl's right now and prepare their hearts in a way only He can. Pray he plants a seed of security in the depths of their spirit. Pray he fills them with courage to walk through such a huge change and to be open to our love and to see Him in our hearts. Pray for their heart's healing.
3.) Pray for the one's involved in the decision process.
4.) Pray for Abby. Pray she will be able to share us with another child and remain secure in her place here and our love for her. Pray she is able to understand the grieving process this new one will have and be able to give her space when needed and connect with her heart.
5.) Please pray for us. Pray that we will be guided by God's will and have strength for what may lie ahead. Please also pray that if neither of these situations happen for us that we can still rejoice in our Father and continue to trust in His plan and timing.

THANK YOU. I am so blessed to have so many precious friends with hearts for our Lord. To know you will pray on our behalf brings a smile to my soul. THANK YOU. I will keep you posted!!!


  1. Lots of prayers to you, Abby and the girls!

  2. OH DAWN! You all are in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. I am praying Dawn!

  4. I'm praying too! Love you!

  5. The Garrisons are on their knees praying for you all! <3 <3

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