Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Getting Ribbons in Her Hair!

What a brave girl we have. She not only had blood work yesterday and gave 6 viles of blood without even wincing, she sailed through the EEG with no fears... thank you Lord for giving her peace. She was gob smacked for sure and it took everything in me to keep her awake until we could get in here but she made it!


  1. Anonymous8:07 PM

    YEAH! I am not too old to learn new tricks!
    I CAN use the computer, I CAN use the computer!
    That's my girl, watching a movie! Crack me up!
    We love you guys and we love your blog. Thank you for keeping us in the Know. We are addicted!
    Love Mom
    Can I have one of Abbys pills?

  2. Anonymous10:36 PM

    Hi Dawn,

    I just wanted to say that abby is in our prayers as well as you and Don. I can only immagine how you are feeling and how Abby is feeling. I know God must have a plan. I know this is most likely a crazy thought but I'm going to through it out to you. I don't know that much detail as to Abby's illness but just in the event it could help her I thought I would throw it out. Macy was recently diagnoses with Celiac Sprue and is now on a GLuten free diet. She has been anemic from first discovered at 9months. This disease involves the absorption of nutrients and can take many, many different forms. I know of a case that the girls lost all feeling in her body etc. So just in the crazy event that this could be of any help. I just thought I would mention it to you. As I said you and your family are truely in my hearts prayers.

    Monica (Julies sister-in-law)

    Monica Gerber


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