Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chillin with her dvd player (what a wonderful invention!). This girl was already ready to go while watching her new favorite movie, "Air Bud". We started her on Atavan last night and it did knock her OUT! We gave her the first one at 7:45 p.m. and she went to bed thirty minutes later. She went to sleep without any seizures but was having small ones again by 2 a.m. Her body was still so knocked out that her body wasn't jerking... only her head and eyes... it was crazy. So at 3ish a.m. I needed to give her another one but I was afraid we'd knock her out too long and she was supposed to be sleep deprived for the EEG today so I gave her a half. Well, she continued to seize and so I just got her up at 5ish for the day. Well guess when she sleeps with no seizures...? Of course, during the EEG where a seizure would have been a great thing to catch. Even though she didn't have a seizure, there was a LOT of craziness going on with many spikes and several "events". So my prayer is that God allowed what the doctors needed to see to happen without her going into a full blown seizure. We'll keep you posted. She had 12 to 13 last night and of course she had one of the way home from the EEG in the car today! I think they need to make squish balls with the word "seizure" on them for moms to grip and squeeze... a punching bag would be nice too!
Love to you all, thank you for your prayers and your love. Please pray for Don. He's been in upgrade training to become Captain of the plane and his check ride is on Sunday. Pray he can remain focused and have peace that Abby and I are in the Lord's arms and just get through the next few days and nights. Love, love, love to you all!

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