Monday, January 22, 2007

The Latest Accessory!

Abby got a very "blue" berry sucker from the bank today and was thrilled to see that her tongue now matches her shirt! She keeps sticking it out and looking in the mirror... too funny. SO of course she thought we MUST take a photo for our blog!

I got up with her at 2:45 a.m. this morning and gave her a snack of apple slices, cheese, crackers and apple juice. I also gave her one of her glyco vitamins and she got through the night without a seizure. So I am going to keep up with this for a while and see what happens. Since her disease has to do with her body and the lack of ability to properly retrieve and distribute nutrients, we are wondering if 11 hours from dinner to breakfast is just too long for her to do without food. So this is our hope. We would much rather do this than revisit anti-seizure medications. We'll keep you posted. Thank you SO much for your prayers and love.

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  1. erin avera5:28 PM

    so good to hear that your late / early morning snack worked. You and Abby will be in our prayers. miss you tons. love you guys. how was your appointment?


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