Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Thanks G-Mom and G-Dad!

This is another thank you note for G-Mom and G-Dad Haughton! They gave us a generous gift certificate to Target for Christmas and I went shopping for Abby! Her foot has grown again and she needed new shoes... again. So she has on her new "Hello Kitty" school shoes and we got another pair of our favorite Target tennis shoes. I have bought this little shoe in four sizes now! It is the same tennis shoe she started walking in again and so maybe they are sentimental. Anyway, we also got her two pairs of pants, an adorable skirt, and a dress for Spring. And I got myself the "Keane" cd I have been wanting. GREAT CD.
I LOVE this picture. She was miffed with me about something (imagine that) and WOULD NOT SMILE. I threatened her with returning her shoes for being ungrateful and THIS is the smile I got! This is classic Abby tude! Thank you again G-Mom and G-Dad... love you guys very much!!!

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