Tuesday, January 16, 2007

"Oh Christmas House"

The house my parents rented before building their current house is now Winchster's Theme House. They are the ones who go ALL out at EVERY holiday. We HAVE to ride by at Christmas just to see the glow from the front of the neighborhood! They have about 100 snowmen and they are all clustered together. They have about 100 Santa's... and they are all clustered together. There are several sleighs and several nativities and "several" Season's Greetings. This is just one side of the three sides that are decorated! Mom just prays that EVERYONE knows she no longer lives there! I think it is kinda sweet they want to share so much cheer... they HAVE to own a huge storage unit. They do this same thing at Halloween with massive amounts of gravestones. Abby loved it and it is a new tradition... Kudoes to them for being FESTIVE and sucking up the massive electric bill!

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