Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello Friends. Here is Ms. Abigail Grace with her Star of the Week Poster for school. She was so excited to the week's Star Student and her poster was outside her classroom in the hallway all week. She also was class leader on Tuesday, her favorite thing to do, and did a wonderful job.

After not being able to shake her head cold for a week, I took her to the doctor and she had strep throat. Our doctor was amazed Abby has not been sick since 2005. She was laughing at how short Abby's pediatrics notes are... if only she could see our section in the neurology department!
Speaking of neurology, Abby seems to be getting worse and at a quicker rate than we can really believe. Our hopes of a mid-morning a.m. snack helping have gone out the window. She pretty much is having seizures every night, two, three and last night five in number. They are not only growing in number, they are getting harder and uglier. We are calling today to try and get her on anti-seizure medication as soon as possible.
I will speak from my heart here. The meds never worked in the past. It is our plea and soul's hope that they might work now in conjunction with the glyconutrition. Why the glyconutrition all the sudden doesn't seem to work is a very sad and unanswered question we are facing.
I am struggling to a depth that is hard to put into words. Seeing Abby go through this again every night and seeing it get worse before our eyes and seeing the pain and panic in her eyes when she can't talk or move her arms right after a seizure is catipulting me back into a depression and state of spiritual warfare and anger that I prayed I would never see again. The darkest days of despair are all too familiar and I am panicing. I don't want this battle. I can't handle this battle again.
I feel selfish to even talk about myself when Abby is the one whose health is back on the balance. She needs prayer... courage and peace and energy and rest... real rest. I need prayer. Prayer for strength and energy... courage, hope and faith.
Thank you. Thank you for your friendships, for your concern and for your love and prayers. Please keep our family in the Father's ear. Please plea for guidance and wisdom and for healing.

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