Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brutie Love

Brutis, my parent's dog, LOVES Abby. He mopes around for days after we leave and looks out the window for her. Abby LOVES to pester Brutie. And he is very easy to pester since he is the official "freak" dog. You walk in the room with a balloon, he runs across the room, hides behind a sofa and peaks around the corner. You move a chair across the floor, he has a mini-heart attack and claws much hated gashes into the hardwood trying to get out of the room. So all Abby has to do is hold out a toy and start walking towards him and the chase begins. This was a precious captured moment of Brutie love. I think Abby had some jelly on her face from breakfast and Brutie was just trying to help her out.

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