Monday, May 30, 2011

Let Summer Begin...

The girls on the last day of school...

I can NOT believe the school year is over.  Every year flies by faster than the one before and the kids keep growing and I get new age spots... like the one taking over my left eyelid! 

We are already totally enjoying the relaxing schedule of no school!  We have enjoyed late mornings at the pool followed by a big late lunch followed by an afternoon nap and then more fun and a late dinner.  It is amazing how much more fluid the day is without running about on a schedule.  I LOVE IT!

In honor of the last day of school, here are some long over due pictures of the girl's Spring Fling this year.  It was really cute and they had a blast.

Starting off with a little square dancing...

T and one of her best friends... sweet girls!

Marc's favorite activity... chowin down!

Abby bobbin around the tree for an apple... I was impressed!

"Pie" eatting contest that consisted of being the first to "find" a jelly bean in the whip cream!

Abby found hers before I did!

Then the REAL fun began... and it involved a little bull!

My fearless girl was ALL about it! 

This little bull rider was very happy with herself and I was glad she didn't get hurt!

This little one needs a little encouragement with it comes to adventure... but with some reassuring and cheering from mommy... she went for it too!

I LOVE her face and her foot gripping on in this shot!  She was having a blast!

She hung on for a good long while and then...

She went DOWNNNN!!!!!!!  It was great and she was very glad she did it! :0)

Marc scootered around most of the time and he and Dusty looked for food on the ground!

Afterwards... a little stop at Rita's for a TREAT!

It was a good good good night!  We are so lucky and blessed... we get a lot of those! :0)  And so many more to come...


  1. this post seriously made me tear up.. I miss you guys.. so so much.. <3

  2. You have a beautiful blog. I am so sorry I've not visited sooner. Ok. So here's the share some photography tips, and I 'll give you a blogger tutorial. Sound good??? Also, mr 3. Melt me..... Email me soon k??


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