Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There is a child...

There is a child.
There is a child who once had a family.
That family is no more.
There is a child who holds loss close to his heart.
That heart is full of pain and longing.
There is a child who tried to survive.
Surviving was harder than we can imagine.
There is a child who entered an orphanage.
That orphanage is not a home.
There is a child who is sweet and tender.
That sweetness and tenderness helps others.
There is a child whose eyes spoke to my heart.
That heart can't ignore the whispering of the Holy Spirit.
There is a child whom God placed boldly on my heart at 4 a.m. this morning.
At 4 a.m. he was close to having lunch.
There is a child who will board a plane in July and make a long journey to a place unknown.
That place unknown will be our home.
There is a child who will be greeted by strangers.
Those strangers will be us.
There is a child who needs a forever family.
Is that forever family you?
There is a child.
His name is Vladamirs.

Don and I decided at 4 a.m. this morning that God was calling us to bring Vladamirs to our home for the summer hosting program with Project 143.  We are so excited to be the hands and feet of God and to bring him here in hopes to shower him with God's love and to find a forever family.  He will be with us for a month.
I will share more on how this came about later.

Your prayers are so appreciated... as always!!
Here are some specific requests (you know I love to share specifics!).
1.) God to protect his heart.
2.) God to prepare him for this journey.
3.) For nothing to come in the way of him coming.
4.) For Don to be off when he arrives.
5.) For safe travels.
6.) For the Lord to open the heart of his forever family and for them to meet him while he is with us.  For God to move mightily and open and close doors.  For God to be glorified in this hosting and in all the host families of this program.
7.) For him to see God's hand on his life... all of it.
8.)  And for us.  He will arrive while I am in Africa.  I HATE I won't be here when he comes but how cool will it be that I will be with the precious children and people in Uganda.  I'll only miss a few days. :0)  Pray for energy, health, guidance, wisdom and patience.
9.) Pray for our children... that their hearts will take in what we are doing, that their hearts will be protected, that God will use them to bless him and he them.
10.) Pray for the many children who have not been hosted yet and that families come in during the last hour to give these children a chance.
11.) Pray for the hosting program... for the people there to be blessed and encouraged.  And for paperwork to be covered with the hand of God.
12.) Denounce attacks of the enemy off this program and these children's lives!

With much love...

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