Friday, May 06, 2011

Yeah... It's Friday!

This picture cracks me up!  Who knew riding your tricycle could be so dangerous!  Yet, Marc wants his helmet on and ends up walking away from this every time!  It totally makes me laugh so hard to look out and see this tricycle in the yard in this position!  It's how my life feels sometimes!! :0)

Today, both girls are having a friend come home with them from school.  Big day for us.  Abby has been asking about it at least 100 times a day since Monday.  Her poor teacher.  I don't know how the girls will make it through the day today!

This week has been busy but I don't seem to know exactly what I got done!  It was teacher appreciation week and I wanted to share a couple gifts we made/got the teachers that are VERY low cost to free!  I know the week is over but there is also the last day of school coming up as well as little love gifts that can always be given to most anyone!

These little jars of flowers turned out too cute!  They are from artichoke hearts I buy often to use in pasta.  I simply wrapped a little scrap of scrapbooking paper around it, taped it together with a double sided sticky, and added a sticker!  I then went outside and gathered the flowers and rosemary.  So this little gift was free!  I also love to wrap tin cans in paper and do this same thing... I love the metal with the blooms!  The girls took these with cards they made and the teachers loved them.

Another gift started from this... a box of soaps from T.J.Maxx!  There were four inside for just $5.99.

The soaps themselves were so pretty.  One side had this lavender on it and there was engraved writing on the other side.  I could have just kicked myself for not having a lavender plant!  A sprig of lavender with a ribbon would have been oh so perfect... but I made do with that I had.  These bags are bags I have used in the past for jewelry and fabric pins on cards made from scrap paper.  I LOVE them.  You can find them at in MANY sizes.  They are made for photos.

Then I went and got some of these cute ready made tags that are in one of my many scrapbook paper pads.  They come in very handy.  I used them in a pretty cute way to 'wrap" one of my mom's Mother's Day presents but I'll have to show you that later... after she gets her box!

I put a hole punch in the tag, tied on the ribbon and there you go!

They were not only pretty... but they smelled great too!  And they were $1.50 each when all was said and done!

And of course... I gave away some of my sweet little fabric pins!  But you already know about those!

* While I was writing this post, Abby's teacher called to say her friend, "B" was going home with a 101 degree fever.  Can you believe it?  I am so heart broken for Abby.  And to make it worse... Taylor will now have someone over and she won't.  I could just cry.  I'll have to turn into "play mom" and be her friend when she gets home today.  So sad.

Have a fabulous weekend... and to all my mother friends... Happy Mother's Day Girls!
And to my mother... I love you crazy!

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  1. dawn you have to show me how you do your blogs with pictures the way you do.


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