Monday, June 13, 2011

My Little Mockingbird

We are back from our week long trip to the beach.  I think it was the fastest week that has blown by this year.

I need to download pictures from the week and I will... but I want to steal just a few moments to tell you about a sweet moment that lingers in my heart.

Last Thursday, Taylor came in from taking Dusty outside to do some business and she told me she had seen a bird lying under a bush.  She told me she thought it was dead.  Well, of course, there is no way I could just let that go... and so I asked her to take me to where it was.

She took me outside to a tree actually... a tree with lots of undergrowth woven beneath it and there was a sweet little mockingbird... lying there... still... but breathing.  As I approached it, it started flapping it's wings and was trying to get further beneath the protection of the undergrowth.  It got itself jammed in between two branches... it was stuck.

I crawled beneath the branches and got a hold of this fragile and precious creation as gently as I could and pulled it out and into my hands.  And it simply sat there and looked at me.

I started looking it over and the only thing I could see wrong was it's legs were curled under... neither of his/her legs were working.  My heart sank as I realized that hydrating was not what it needed and then of course the big question... "What do we do now?"

My sweet husband, who knows my heart for God's precious creations, got the phone book and found a wildlife rescue group and a woman was on her way to get my bird.  It would take her 30 minutes to get there.  And so I went to the balcony and held my new baby and prayed for it.

It's heavy breathing calmed and I began to sing to it...
 "Jesus loves you... this I know... for the Bible tells me so... 
little ones to Him belong... they are weak... but He is strong."

It watched me... and followed me with it's tiny little head.
And he/she fell asleep in my hands... and tears fell from my cheeks.

I know this may seem silly.
It's a bird.

But it was hurt.
It was alone.
It was helpless.

And God let me love on it.
God let me comfort it.
God let me hold it.
God let me feel His heart for what He had created and for what was wounded.

And it was comforted.
And it felt love.
And it trusted me.
And it fell asleep in my hands.

And it was precious.
It was a precious moment that lingers on me.

The bird lady arrived.
Her name is Diane.
She is my hero.
She had three baby birds in her car that she was in the process of helping.
That is what she does.
She gives of herself and she drives 30 minutes to get a bird from a couple on vacation.

My bird died that night.
Diane thinks it was something viral.
My heart sank again.
Oh how I had hoped that food and water and quiet would renew it's strength.
Oh how I wished she would drive back and we could see it fly away before we came home.

But that didn't happen.

But God gave me a sweet and precious little moment.

We are His creations.

We are wounded and we are left to feel so alone sometimes. 
We run and try to hide in the undergrowth of "busy"ness and distractions.
And He ever so gently reaches in and pulls us free and holds us in His hands.
And then He sings to us... with His Spirit.
And if we trust Him, we can relax and fall asleep in His hands. 

I am forever thankful for such a sweet opportunity.
 I am forever thankful for a Father who will come and find me.
I am so thankful for that little bird... and I really miss him/her.

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