Monday, May 02, 2011

A Girl And Her Bike

This is actually her third "go around"... starting off with daddy.

She dressed herself... just wanted you to know that!  The black belt was the perfect accessory!
Love it!  :0)

And there she went... around the yard... in the grass... like she has never struggled!
Sorry the pictures are "hot!"  It was in the blazing middle of the day and this kind of sun is horrid for pictures.  I couldn't even calm it down in editing... but you can see her anyway!

And here is my girl, with her sweet, calm, inwardly glad and proud little smile!
Can't you just see it in her eyes!  Wings... her spirit has wings!
We were taking a water break... after many circles.
After a few more days in the yard (makes for a slower pace), we'll hit the track that's close by.
We went out tonight, before bed, in her nightgown, and did a few circles.  She's still got it!

As for other news... guess what arrived today...?

Check it out... fabulous zoisia (sp?) grass for our back yard we are giving some major love to right now!

Isn't it amazing?  The driver told me it had been cut just three hours before... and here it is.

You know what is not amazing!?  When the lawn people came to spray and kill the old weeds grass that was in the back... they also killed my GARDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was growing like crazy!  And even after asking them to be MINDFUL of it twice and be sure NOT to get spray on it... bozo lawn man just gave it leprosy and now I have to pull it up and start over!  I am just furious sick to my stomach.  Those plants are like my babies!  One plant was at the end of one box and survived the murder spray... my grape tomato plant is FINE and already has blooms and a couple tomatoes on her!!!!!!!

Here is another horrid less than lovely picture of the backyard from my bathroom window.  It's dead.  So sad.  But when I saw it, it made me realize how death has to come before true life can happen.
I'll show you "after" shots soon.  The lawn goes down tomorrow!

Good Night!


  1. I love the spirit that you can see in her eyes...very touching.

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Today (Cinco de Mayo), Abby rode her bike up and down the street by herself (O.K... Daddy was close behind). She was even MORE excited today as she went down the road... as she pedaled, she said to me "This is so cool! I can ride my bike to the park!"


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