Sunday, December 13, 2009

(Welcome Brenda!)
On Her Way...

My heart is a flutter.  My soul is aching to hold her.  As she sits, this moment, on an airplane, traveling across the world, what is going through her mind, her heart, her soul?

She is on her way.  Brenda is on her way.  Her plane is scheduled to land at 12:30 a.m.  Just six hours.  And then she is on her way... on her way to our home... on her way to a room filled with love for her with pink flannel snowman sheets on the bed and a pink pillow and pink flowers on the dresser... she is on her way to be flooded with the love of God... on her way to never being the same... on her way to a new hope... a new chance... a new family... a new world.

Abby prayed for her at lunch today.  Abby is at the store with daddy picking out a Barbi for her new friend.  Daddy is at the store... and he is smiling... his heart is smiling and it is the most beautiful thing to my soul.
She is on her way and I get to hold her in just a few hours... I know we will never be the same.

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