Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Glimpse of Heaven

I think one is very lucky if he or she is given moments of clarity in his or her life.  Big moments.  Little moments.  The understanding, peace and joy that follow are the true treasures of heaven, the breath of the Holy Spirit, and the richness they provide... there is no number large enough to capture the value.

Disappointments seem trivial, BUT remain with purpose.  Lost pregnancies, broken dreams, and fallen tears become precious turns on the path that lies in the very hands of the creator and turn with just the sound of His voice, gently leading you by the hand.  Situations, circumstances, and relationships have woven together and created the beautiful tapistry of your life and they fit together in God's perfect plan to create the most stunning picture.  You are left in awe... with excitement for more... more.

I believe it is a glimpse of heaven.  A tiny window, key hole, that we are given the GIFT to peer into... the sweetest gift from the creator of the universe.

And I believe I am very lucky. 

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  1. I posted a blog very similar to this yesterday. Merry Christmas, I miss you guys!


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