Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Week... My friend Campbell came over and brought a gingerbread house to do with the girls!
I confess... I have NEVER made a gingerbread house... such sadness! 
They all had a good time and it came out pretty good!

Friday Morning... Hot cinnamon rolls, cold blueberries, and dancing to
"Frostie The Snowman" in the kitchen in our pajamas!

Saturday... Don coordinates a friend gathering, sweet friends gather,
then later that afternoon... the piano arrives!  It was built in 1905 in Birmingham, Al...
and it was an instant hit with everyone in the house.  Brenda ran upstairs and came
back down with sheet music and played, "Joy To The World", for us all.  It was totally sweet.

Christmas suckers from Aunt Shae Shae!  Saturday night we went to a Jars of Clay concert with
Bebo Norman... it was incredible and the girls loved it. 

Sunday... worship, lunch, and family nap (although Fly Boy had to fly).
At church SO MANY of our friends were in tears meeting Brenda.  Several grown men having lengthy conversations about her and the process with Fly Boy and really being moved.  Our friend's love for her just overwhelms me.  One asked her size to buy her some clothes, another is monograming something for her, and another is coming to take us to breakfast in the morning and then to buy her an outfit.  God is so amazing.  The love he continues to pour out upon us through our friends just continues to humble me... fill me... inspire me!  I am still smiling... big!
Love to you all... Dawn


  1. beautiful girls..Brenda looks very happy!

  2. Loved meeting Brenda today. She is a precious girl! Love her already! Y'all are very special people! God Bless you!

  3. What a fun weekend!

  4. Sweet Dawn, you sooooo encompass all that being a Mom is supposed to be. Your zeal and love are contagious. Do you realize the impact you're having on these three children? Bless you friend!

  5. Brenda looks like she is just having a wonderful time and Abby looks like she is loving it! Great shots!


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