Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The L Word

I don't have a picture today of what I am about to share.  You'll have to use your imagination.  But I promise to have more photos tomorrow... or even tonight!

Yesterday morning took a turn from what I had planned.  My plan was to take Brenda and Abby shopping to get her some clothes.  She came with one outfit... on her back.  We knew this is how it works and so I was prepared.  Luckily the pajamas I had already bought at the consignment store fit perfectly and she loved them!

So she took a shower.  When she came out of the bathroom with wet hair, I thought, "A mother would fix her hair... I wonder if a woman has ever fixed her hair for her... maybe she will let me."  And so I asked... and she gave me a big smile and sweet knod and we were off to my bathroom for some girl time!

I put some of my gel in her hair, brushed it, and started to dry it with the hair dryer.  Immediately I saw it, them, lice nits in her hair, most of them behind her left ear.  I turned off the hair dryer and asked her to wait one moment for me and went downstairs to tell my Fly Boy.  He was so precious and left to get what we needed.

As I walked back down the hallway to my room, I wondered how in the world I was going to communicate this to her and not hurt her.  How would she take it?  So I went back in and just started pulling them out with my fingers.  I could see she was watching me in the mirror and could tell something was up and so I pulled out a strand with a nit on it and showed it to her.  Then I tried to communicate that it was ok and I was going to get them out.

I went right back to work and started humming.  She started tearing up and then the tears started to fall.  My heart broke into a million gazillion tiny pieces.  I got down on my knees in front of her and wiped her tears and told her "no"... "no tears"... and I smiled.  "It's ok... it's ok," I said but she wouldn't even look at me.  So I kissed her hand and then kissed her cheek and held her.  I was praying that the love would just flow through me and give her peace.  I then went out and pulled up my blog on the laptop so my music playlist could play... and went right back to work... this time singing.

I decided to look all over her head for the little culpret and his buddies.  I wasn't even sure what I was looking for as I have never seen the actual lice itself.  Then, on the other side, there one was... like a little dirty flat piece of rice clinched to her scalp.  AW HAW you little varment!  I got it and showed it to her and she understood and I washed it down the drain and looked for more.  There were NO MOREJust one.  And just one side of her head with nits.  I PRAISED the Lord for his sweetness in being so sovreign and letting me find it on the first day! 

My knight came back with the shampoo and when I walked into the bathroom with it... she started to cry again.  I reassured her again, holding her face in my hands and caressing her cheeks... "it's ok" I said.  I stroked the sides of her mouth up into a smile and then put the shampoo on.  As it set for 10 minutes... I painted her nails, gave her some earrings, and introduced her to some yummy body spray I have from Gap.  Then I just sat on the side of the tub and held her... hugged her... and she knew... and I knew she knew.... there was LOVE and peace... and smiles... lots of smiles.

After two hours of combing and picking and going over every inch of her head... I dried her hair and fixed it into two cute messy pony tails with flying sprigs and twists... she loved it.  And I loved her... loved her in every way I knew how to... and she accepted it.

Yesterday morning was the sweetest morning ever.  My husband stripped her bed, washed everything, took care of everything while I had that two hours with her in my bathroom.  A precious little girl got her first dose of God's love in the fullest... and my heart grew about ten sizes.  We then went shopping and had a VERY lucky day at Red Door Consignment Store!  There were many more smiles!

The L word was flowing through the house yesterday... Love... Lots of Love!


  1. Dawn, only the best of mommmies could handle that in just the right way! You are the best! Have fun with your precious Brenda..we can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. Sweet story! And where oh where are the pictures of "Flyboy"? We're missing him, too!


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