Tuesday, December 08, 2009

House Arrest Me... Please!

I saw this picture on one of the blogs I follow and thought that if I were to ever be on house arrest (HA!), I could do it forever in this room... with some books, some music, journals, scrapbooking tools, and sushi!  Really.  A year would not be long enough!

Now back to reality... Brenda is coming in 5, five, yes... FIVE days!  It is so crazy that she is almost here.  It is so crazy how I feel such a connection with her and haven't even met her yet!  It is so crazy that I don't know one word of her language! YIKES!  It is so crazy how I don't even care!  And it is so crazy how I will be glued to the latvian language website for the next few days as I make some communication sheets!

And it is so wonderful how God provided all the money we needed (AND extra to share with another family) to bring her here through the generous and giving hearts of our dear friends!  I am blown away to see how so MANY have been involved and to see and feel their excitement for her as well.  It is so wonderful to know that it is God's excitement flowing through them!  And it is so wonderful to share this experience with them and to have so much love and support!

And it is so beautiful to be a part of Brenda's life.  It is so beautiful how God can touch hearts around the world to reach out to children who need His love, who can be transformed by His love, who will never be the same having been loved by Him!  It is so beautiful how women who traveled to get their children were moved by God to do more... more than they could do alone... and started New Horizons.  http://www.newhorizonsforchildren.org/   It is so beautiful how God orchestrates certain orphanages to be willing to participate.  And it is so very beautiful how 80% of the children who come are blessed with a forever family to love them and change their lives!  It is so beautiful how when you change the life of just one child... you change generations! 

I am so lucky.  I am so lucky to have a God with such a big heart!  I am so lucky to have a God who speaks to me and fills me with His presence.  I am so lucky to have a husband with a tender heart for children, for orphans.  I am so lucky to have a husband who loves the Lord and seeks Him with his heart.  I am so lucky to have a husband who loves me and our family so very much.  I am so lucky to have friends who give of themselves and love us and walk with us on this journey.  I am so lucky to have a home big enough to bring another child into for a month.  I am so lucky... so very lucky!

Have a wonderful Tuesday... I know I will!


  1. I'm so excited for your family! I can't wait for her to experience the true meaning of Christmas with you!

  2. I hope you have such a wonderful time...it is a wonderful thing you are doing!


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