Saturday, August 08, 2009

No Words

Rocking my precious one to sleep is one of my favorite times of the day. He sings with me. He plays with my necklace, reaching for it in the dark and then holds it tightly as he falls to sleep, as if to hold on to me. I love the way he looks into my eyes and we say nothing. We just gaze. Then he'll reach up his head and smack his lips... requesting a kiss and my heart melts. Oh the joy and love this precious gift stirs in me.

Then he smiles. He is about to give up the fight of the eyelids and drift into restful sleep. As they close, I am amazed to my core at the love he freely gives me and how he trusts my arms and heart. I am his mommy. He is my son. We found each other. God is sovereign and so very sweet.

And he sleeps... in my arms... and sighs. And I watch and smile... and sigh. I keep rocking and he keeps sleeping. I gently rise and walk towards his bed and he leans in as I approach the rail. As I lower him down he says in his sweet little sleepy voice, "Ni Ni." "Night Night Precious Little One." "Ni Ni." Then he sleeps again.
Thank you sweet Campbell for quietly sliding next to us on the back of the boat and capturing these precious moments. I so treasure them.


  1. this made me cry...because I know that exact feeling you are talking about...Love like this can only be from God and its AMAZING

  2. Wow! what beautiful moments..thanks for sharing.


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