Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gettin Jiggy With It

I have lost all motivation to keep moving forward with the house stuff. Sooooo... I took a break and made some stuff. Whenever I am feeling in a funk... creating always makes me feel better. On top of being EXHAUSTED (way badly... had some tests done today), my hair falling out in MASSIVE quantity, every electronic we own breaking... our computer crashed.

So yesterday we had a great guy come out who fixed it and fixed my lap top. However, Fly Boy slicked the hard drive, yet again, to try and fix it himself and so I lost my photo editing software... again. Hopefully, I'll find it soon to reload it but until then... unedited photos alert!

Here are some random photos of my creating craze. I am feeling better and put the sewing machine away and am tackling the homestead again. Before and after pictures will be here soon. Hope you are having a great week. Hugs.

I am LOVING these fabric flower pins! I have already mailed one as a gift and another is to be mailed soon... hmmmmmm... and I also made two for Abby (one on a pony tail rubber band) and she wears them everyday!
This is a bag I had monogrammed for my business way back when! When I sold my business, I kept it to "repurpose" since the blog address was old and she couldn't use it.

Here it is now! It's now a very cute (If I can say so) diaper bag for the little man! I used an old shower curtain for the main piece of striped fabric and just sewed it across the monogram and added the bling! Notice the silver "pig" button! AND since I can't edit it... you can't read the little button beads, but they say, "Marc Parker".

When we were in the adoption process, I bought these vintage cards on etsy. I wanted to use them in the nursery or room. They are little cards with "Master Lion" and "Mr. Camel" on them and such. I finally got them out, went through my scrapbooking paper and found this adorable paper and taped them on with double sided scrapbooking tape. I put them in a frame I already had and it's now one of the highlights of Marc's room... I love it!

Next up are these adorable and colorful pillows I made to go on the bench in my kitchen window. Look familiar Shelley? I brought this bench in from our outdoor patio set to sit in the bay window in the kitchen behind the table. It needed some pillows. So I took one of the pillowcases I got from my wonderful friend Shelley's yard sale ( 2 for 50 cents). I restitched it to make it smaller and cut off one end and stuffed it with stuffing from Dusty's old dog bed (that I also cut and resewed into a smaller version since he'd chewed the edges). Then I took the end that I cut off and added it to some linen fabric that had been the liner to a big basket I bought for Marc's toys. I added the button, stuffed and sewed it up and now they are the cutest bench pillows ever!

I was playing Barbies with Abby the other night and was just disgusted with half her Barbie clothes and so I made a skirt for one of them. More clothes to come in the near future! Yes, she has on one tennis shoe and one boot... there are no matching little Barbie shoes in this house!

And last, but no least, I finally found lamp shades for these amazing vintage lamps my mother gave me for my birthday! I didn't make anything here... just HUNTED for months and then HUNTED for the coupons to save me $$$ on them. I have two lamps, needed two shades, and two coupons. The store took an outdated coupon with the new one and let me use them both at one time! I have one lamp in the living room and one in my bedroom... I totally LOVE them! Thank you Mother!!!!!!

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  1. Ummm, LOVE those pins and also love the idea of them as ponytail cute! and you go girl with the Barbie clothes..and LOVE those lamps too...

    Yes, creating is good for the soul..doing it right now :)


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