Saturday, August 08, 2009

How Do I?

How do I thank you? How can I praise you enough?

My Gracious Father on High... I am on my knees. Thank you... thank you for having your hand on Abby. Thank you for restoring her health and allowing us to share more of our life with her. Thank you for giving her the ability to enjoy simple pleasures of childhood. Thank you for giving her strength. Thank you for giving her the ability to walk again and I praise your name she is able to jump and swim.

My God, I am moved to praise you. Count the tears that flow in thanksgiving for your mercy and your authority and power. You are Holy. Yet you are so loving and personal. With the sound of your voice, all creation looks to you and proclaims you King of Kings! My soul longs to hug you with the abandonment of a breathless child. Oh how I wish I could run into your arms.

And I pray, Lord God, Father... Creator... Restorer... Savior... Warrior...

In your Holy name, and in Christ's name... who is alive in me, and in the authority that you have over everything in heaven and earth, I pray your hand of protection stays firm on Abby and that you continue to protect her. Guide us Lord, as the parents you have chosen to walk this journey with her, and give us knowledge and wisdom in all we do with and for her. I lift her up to you Lord God. I lay her down before you. You are my everything. I love you with all I am... Thank you for being my Father. Thank you for Abby. Amen.~

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