Saturday, August 29, 2009

Be Authentic

Thank you Michelle. I do not know you. But God, once again, has given back to me by sending me someone through this blog. He has done that SO many times... He continues to amaze and move me.
Michelle commented on my last post. Had she not, I would have not known that this sweet woman I do not know is praying for my daughter. And I would not have gone to her blog. I would not have "met" her and I would not have been introduced to Brene Brown through her blog and I would not have been blessed by Brene's "I Choose Authenticity" post!
And the amazing thing is, I was feeling a bit "guilty" for my last post... sharing my frustration about hurt from friends who just don't seem to get it. And there it was... my confirmation that being real is what I strive to do... and that includes sharing a "bad" moment with people who love me and call me "Friend"... along with the blessing of a new "friend".
And I thank all of you who posted... Erin, Jules, Donna (another blog friend who has become so much more), Michelle and Brittany... thank you for your gift of prayer. I love you... even on my bad days and in my bad moments!!
The above is from Brene... her words do it best... and I challenge you... be authentic! Why waste your time being anything else?

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